Outrage over Spain football chief’s kiss for World Cup winner | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

Spain’s football federation president Luis Rubiales has been criticised for kissing footballer Jenni Hermoso on the lips after her side won the Women’s World Cup. Viewers also condemned his behaviour in the changing rooms and during celebrations.

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26 opiniones en “Outrage over Spain football chief’s kiss for World Cup winner | Al Jazeera Newsfeed”

  1. Omg let me say something about this pleasure kiss hallo is nothing we are humans help me God dont punished him is there a law in Fifa that forbid this, football or soccer is a war when you win a world soccer war….Omg dont punished him i beg you !!!!!

  2. And this folks, is why 60% of men are avoiding women, whether in dating, relationships or a chat in the work place.

    Keep going girls, you're creating an ever increasing cold world and it will get far worse.

  3. Shows The bald guy is use to forcing himself to everybody and gets whaever he likes…he should be f*cking fired…its not because him Spain won its because of the hard work of the girls he abused. NO respect to the heroes of his country.

  4. No one is talking about confession they're getting married guys so I don't see any problem regarding maybe they were dating in secret idk just my guess if not she would have been outraged

  5. Spaniards would be mad if this happened in Asia or islam country instead of Spain. They must have been angry about the Dalai lama's kiss. They are tolerant of their own culture but complain about Asian and islam culture.

  6. The full team seems used to his creepy behaviour. He is too powerful in his position as president and that is a serious problem for the progress of Female Football.

  7. I don't see the problem here, its a show of affection and its quite common in Europe, women do it to men too. It wasn't exactly tongues in. People need to chill, a moment of pure joy and happiness and the player herself said it wasn't inappropriate, so why are the whole world getting worked up when its none if their business if the player complain.

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