Spanish Football Federation chief apologises for kissing Women's World Cup winner | Oneindia News

The president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales recently got wrapped up in a controversy for kissing a star player. On Monday, he apologised for kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips after Spain won the Women’s World Cup. 45-year-old Rubiales, planted a kiss on Hermoso after she collected her medal following the final in Sydney. His actions provoked outrage in Spain.

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29 opiniones en “Spanish Football Federation chief apologises for kissing Women's World Cup winner | Oneindia News”

  1. This kiss was mutual based on happiness and joy at that particular moment. No intention was there on behalf of my client. Look at the hands gesture of the lady, if she was not in her hands wld have been down but blc of joy and happiness at that moment every body was given in. Rubiales will not resign. I stand wt u.

  2. So many people here commenting that it's normal in Spain but no… no its no at all 😂. Here we do the two kisses on the cheeks, but even then it's pretty common that you don't actually make contact. Kissing someone on the lips would be seem as totally mad behaviour

  3. This should all have ended with a brief apology from him for that 0.5 second peck on the lips. Everything else was normal and friendly in southern european culture. Flipping tornado of hate now gone out of control on this.

  4. Turns out she'd lifted him off his feet just before this. She needs a lengthy ban (1yr minimum). His reaction he should get banned for half the time she gets (6 moths minimum).I am truly sick of the misandry running riot in UK society.

  5. this kiss affair in Spain shows exactly what a backward country Spain is. this was sheer harassment, just short of rape. Very disappointing. Is Spain than a third world country after all?

  6. Miserable culture . They steal billions of dollars and usurp the rights of the people, but the joy of the players and the technical staff has become a scandal . What a shame and disgrace like these and those who support them and those behind them!

  7. This is why women sports has least veiwers and least interest. It sucks bro. Throw her out. You made all the effort to upbring them and… pretty sure women sports is the last thing i can watch on bored day, that to by skipping if possible😂

  8. Meanwhile, innocent civilians are murdered in Ukraine every day, their homes destroyed, children killed….why is this 'kiss' even discussed????

  9. People are trippen. There was nothing g passionate about. Just one of those happy kisses like on goonies when sloth kissed chunk in happiness. Rocky Road hahu.

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