Will American Soccer Players Be Heading to Europe This Winter?

Major League Soccer (MLS) is on its winter-break, having just concluded a successful season that saw the introduction of the Seattle Sounders and the cup won by Real Salt Lake. With the MLS season over, American soccer fans turn their full attention to Europe. With less than two weeks until the European January transfer window, the rumor mill is strangely quiet – at least as it concerns Americans.

Landon Donovan signed a four-year contract extension with the Los Angeles Galaxy and promptly agreed to a short-term loan to Everton of the Barclay’s Premier League. The reigning MLS Most Valuable Player and U.S. Men’s National Team captain will join Tim Howard and the Toffees for a brief spell before returning for the start of the 2010 MLS season.

The Evening Times of Scotland reported this week that MLS Commissioner Don Garber held talks with Stuart Holden to convince the Houston Dynamo midfielder to stay in exchange for a major salary bump – ten times more than his 2009 paycheck. Holden is rumored to be a target of Rangers, a squad that includes Americans Maurice Edu and DaMarcus Beasley. New reports have linked Holden with Blackburn Rovers, though neither side has confirmed this speculation.

Real Salt Lake is arguably the most vulnerable MLS team in the January window, with Robbie Findley and Kyle Beckerman at the center of transfer speculation. In a recent interview with RSL General Manager Garth Lagerway, SoccerHype reported that retaining the services of Findley and Beckerman was a top priority in the off-season. Few suitors, if any, have been named, but it is no secret that both attracted interest from abroad with their playoff form. It is known that RSL will lose Yura Movsisyan, who will join Randers FC of the Danish first division. Randers has struggled this season and currently sits 14 points below the relegation line.

As some players move abroad, a few might return as well. Danny Califf has left Danish club FC Midtjylland to join the Philadelphia Union in its inaugural season in MLS. The twenty-nine year-old spent more than three years in the Danish first division. Califf, currently undergoing a buyout of his contract with Danish club FC Midtjylland, would become eligible during the next transfer window in January.

Finally, Eddie Johnson, the once promising striker who has failed to make an impression at Fulham and on loan to Cardiff City, might be coming home. Johnson’s limited play has been lackluster and sources indicate the twenty-five year-old is keen on returning to MLS where he might revive his career.

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5 Clubs/Bars to Check Out When in Copenhagen

Today I will give you guys the hidden gems of Copenhagen. Cool bars and places that I recommend checking out. Who knows, you might even bump into me there!

1. Meat-town

Meat-town aka. Kodbyen is by day the places for commodity shopping for restaurants or other food related businesses. By night it’s a social hot spot for downtown Copenhagen. There are several cool venues worth checking out in Meat-town such as Karriere bar, or Jolenes for a more hippy approach. It’s a much older crowd ranging from 25-30, the bar prices are average to high and the music seems to be well thought out, compared to other places you might stumble upon in Copenhagen.If you like an older crowd and a different experience then your typical nightclubs, then Meat-town isn’t a bad place to check out.



Halmtorvet 9-29

1700 Kobenhavn V

Open hours: 10pm – 5am

2. Heidi’s Bier Bar

Heidi’s bier bar has 2 floors. Both floors has a fussball table, they offer a huge range of different beers, so if you’re a beer enthusiast you’ll like this place. The crowd is older, ranging from 24-28 and they have a dancefloor that it quite small but doable. It’s a dim lighted place and the barmaids are all neatly dressed in a german maid outfits. There’s no entrance fee but there is a wardrobe fee of 20kr. I usually just sneak in and drop my jacket at a table with a friend, I’m cheap.


Heidi’s Bier Bar

Vestergade 18

1456 Kobenhavn K

3. Karel

Fullname Karel Van Mander is a night club situated right next to the big Magasin Shopping Center and can be reached by the walking street or from Kongs Nytorv Metro st. Karel boost an awesome looking club with exquisite interior design and probably has the hottest girls in town, scrambling around in the venue. They have an outdoor area which is perfect for the summer time and a good sized dance floor in the middle. The music is mostly house and dance tunes with a mix of popular songs from current times. The age group ranges from 18-25. However the age requirements changes from Thursdays to Saturdays. The bar prices are sadly really high, but if you got money to blow, then you won’t look better doing it anywhere, than here. Karel can boost that they attract the most hottest girls in Copenhagen, so if you’re looking to hook up with a nice little turbo, then look no further than here. There are an abundance of turbos here. The entrance price is around 100dkk, but free wardrobe.


Karel van Mander

Lille Kongensgade 16

1074 Kobenhavn K

open hours: 10pm-5am

4. Happy Pig

The Happy pig is situated near skindergade. It has a pretty young crowd from 21-25. It has 2dance floors on the top floor and also a live band area down stairs, where they regularly play live music. The bar prices are actually quite low and people are generally quite friendly. There’s a 20dkk wardrobe fee and it ain’t optional. They broadcast football games, when there are big matches, so you might want to check that out, if you’re football interested.


Den Glade Gris

Lille Kannikestraede 3

1170 Kobenhavn K

opening hours: 9pm-5am

5. Francis Pony

Francis Pony is a student bar, but that doesn’t mean it’s slacking in terms of style. It has a young but mature crowd usually ranging from 22-24 and most of them are business students or anything equal to that. The bar prices are average to high and it has 2 floors. There’s no actual dance floor, which would be impossible since the place is pretty packed in the weekends. If you’re a student then it’s a great place to go and socialize. Free entrance and optional wardrobe. Beverage prices are a bit expensive so it’s not the best place to warm up.


Francis Pony

Klosterstraede 23

1157 Kobenhavn K

Open hours: 9pm-5am

How to Do the Marseille Turn

The Marseille Turn is a beautiful 360 soccer turn trick, unique to the game of soccer, which involves the player spinning 360 degrees on the field while trying to avoid an opponent and retaining control of the ball.

The trick is sometimes referred to as the Zidane Spin or the 360 turn. The trick was popularized by Diego Maradona and perfected by Zinadine Zidane, although it has been used by many other soccer players including Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Laudrup, Franck Ribry, Lionel Messi, and Ronaldinho.

The Marseille Turn is the most effective when the opposing player is approaching head on first or from the side of the trick performers master foot.

Before starting to practice this move, you will either need another player or a box on the ground to simulate another player. This will help you visualize the trick easier, than trying to practice against thin air.

Step 1: Push the ball in front of you, about one step in front of you.

Step 2: Try to lure your opponent to go after the ball.

Step 3: When the ball is just outside your opponent’s reach, you stop it by putting your left foot on the ball.

Step 4: Pull the ball backward and turn your body 90 degrees to the right simultaneously.

Step 5: You should receive the ball with your right foot and your back to your opponent. Place your right foot on the ball and continue your rotation to the right.

Step 6: Place you right foot over the ball and slide it past your opponent.

International Shipping to Nigeria – Learn Important Customs Rules and Regulations for Sea Shipping

Nigeria, or the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is made up of 36 different states, along with Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. Situated on the Western coast of Africa, Nigeria borders Chad, Cameroon, Niger and the Republic of Benin. The country’s biggest city is Lagos with a population of around 8 million, followed by Kano and Ibadan.

If you are planning on shipping to Nigeria, there are a number of different shipping ports in the country. Nigerian coastal waterways include the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea. Some of the shipping ports in Nigeria include the Port of Apapa, the Port Harcourt, Port of Onne, Port of Pennington and the Port of Calabar.

If you need international shipping to Nigeria, there are some important documents you should have in order. You will need the following before international shipping to Nigeria:

  • Passport (original)
  • Visa
  • Work Permit (if applicable)
  • Residence Permit
  • Certificate of Residence Change
  • Customs and Excise Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration
  • Form Sale 48
  • Shipping Inventory (in English)
  • PUBD Form must be completed after customer arrives in Nigeria
  • Letter authorizing Destination Agent to clear shipment

When shipping to Nigeria, your cargo will be inspected during the customs clearance process. You should plan to be present for customs clearance if you are shipping to Nigeria. In addition, you will need to obtain a personal bank account while in Nigeria in order to apply for required Form «M».

Duty Free Shipping and Shipping to Nigeria

When shipping to Nigeria, it is helpful to note that used personal items and household goods generally qualify for duty-free shipping to Nigeria.

In order to qualify for duty free shipping to Nigeria, your items should be used and you must have owned them for at least 6 months prior to shipment. In addition, the items must be for your personal use and not for resale.

If you are Nigerian citizen returning to the country and you would like to qualify for duty-free shipping to Nigeria, you must have been abroad outside of the country for at least nine months.

It is also important that your shipment to Nigeria arrive within two months of your own arrival in the country.

Dutiable and Restricted Items when Shipping to Nigeria

Please note that you are required to pay various fees in order to ship certain items to Nigeria. You can ship alcohol and tobacco products to Nigeria without an import permit if they are included as part of your household goods shipment. These items must be in a reasonable quantity for personal use. In addition, you will be expected to pay import duties on any alcohol and tobacco products.

You are also allowed to ship appliances to Nigeria but you are limited in quantity. You can ship one of each type of appliance to Nigeria.

Other items that are restricted or require specific import duties when shipping to Nigeria include the following:

  • Perfume
  • Jewelry
  • Any films, videotapes, video discs, compact discs, publications, audio tapes and gramophone records
  • Computers

Prohibited Items when Shipping to Nigeria

If you are shipping to Nigeria, there is a lengthy list of items that are prohibited from entering the country. You are not allowed to ship the following to Nigeria:

  • Air pistols
  • Airmail photographic printing paper
  • Counterfeit money of any type
  • Beads composed of inflammable celluloid or other similar substances
  • Blank invoices
  • Cars that are eight years or older
  • Coupons for foreign football pools or other betting arrangements
  • Cowries
  • Exhausted tea or tea mixed with other substances. For the purposes of this item, «exhausted tea» means tea which has been deprived of its proper quality, strength or virtue by steeping, infusion or other means.
  • Implements appertaining to the reloading of cartridges
  • Prints considered indecent or obscene, or other items including paintings, books, cards, engravings or articles of any type deemed indecent
  • Manilas
  • Matches made with white phosphorous
  • Materials of nay description with a design which, considering the purpose for which any such material is intended to be used, is likely in the opinion of the President to create a breach of the peace or to offend the religious views of any class of persons in Nigeria.
  • Meat, vegetables or other provisions declared by a Nigerian health officer to be unfit for human consumption
  • Piece goods and all other textiles including wearing apparel. Hardware of all kinds crockery and china or earthenware goods bearing inscriptions (whether in Roman or Arabic characters) from the Koran or from the traditions and commentaries on the Koran
  • Pistols disguised in any form
  • Second-hand clothing
  • Silver or metal alloy coins not being legal tender in Nigeria

Car Shipping and RO – RO Shipping to Nigeria

If you are interested in shipping a vehicle to Nigeria, it must be for your own personal use and not for resale or disposal purposes.

You are not allowed to ship vehicles eight years or older to Nigeria. You are also expected to pay duty fees when shipping a vehicle to Nigeria.

Documents required for car shipping to Nigeria include the following:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate or Original Vehicle Logbook
  • Car Insurance papers
  • Passport (original)
  • Invoice of purchase
  • Certificate of Road Worthiness (if you are shipping a used vehicle)
  • Make, Model and Serial Number of your vehicle

Bringing a Pet to Nigeria

If you are moving overseas to Nigeria or returning to the country after having been away for a while, and are interested in bringing a pet with you, there are some rules you should know in advance.

You are not allowed to bring birds from the parrot family to Nigeria. You should have a Certificate of Good Health for your pet. You will also need inoculation documentation and an Import Permit to bring your pet to Nigeria.

You should expect a quarantine period when bringing a pet to Nigeria.

A qualified sea shipping company can inform you about important customs rules and regulations if you are shipping to Nigeria or some other destination world wide. Working with an experienced sea shipping agency will make your experience with international shipping to Nigeria much easier.

Millrose Games Celebrates 100th Birthday as Track’s Most Prestigious Indoor Event

I guess you would have to be a runner to appreciate the Millrose Games, which celebrated its 100th running during the weekend at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The Millrose Games is not arguably the most prestigious indoor track meet in the world, it is in fact THE most prestigious indoor invitational track and field meet in the world. As a runner in high school and college, you dream about running on the boards at the Millrose Games in Madison Square Garden the same way a football player dreams about playing in the Super Bowl.

Track and field has fallen on hard times in the United States lately and that is why the 100th running of the Millrose is so significant. Only the 2007 Millrose Games, as Dick Patrick wrote in USA Today on Thursday (2-1-07), «has survived the demise of a once vibrant indoor circuit that the USA monopolized.»

Patrick has it right.

Not only did Camelot lose its luster with the tragic loss of President John F. Kennedy, the Millrose Games has lost some of its bloom but is still able to blossom because of the famous Wanamaker Mile competition and enough world-class athletes to merit 2 hours of live coverage by ESPN2 on Friday and 1 hour by ABC Saturday.

I was glued to the TV for both showings.

Many runners who would watch the Millrose Games on the tube would not do so if it were not for sportswriters like Dick Patrick. His pre-meet coverage of the event in USA Today was interesting, informative and plentiful.

The Millrose Games were started in 1908 by John Wanamaker of the Wanamaker department store chain and first gained prominence in the 1920s. Herb Schmertz, who worked for the Wanamaker department store in New York, became the Millrose meet director in 1934 and ran the Millrose games for 40 years, until 1974, when his son Howard, a New York City lawyer, took over in 1975 and continued until 2003.

The Schmertz family ran the Millrose Games for 69 years and Howard Schmertz continued as the meet director emeritus for the 100th running of the Millrose Games. The new meet director is Mark Wetmore of Global Athletics Management.

John Wanamaker of Wanamaker department stores was a giant in American retailing. He opened Philadelphia’s first department store in 1861 and would eventually have 15 more stores in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware.

Wanamaker is credited with being the father of modern advertising in America. He was the first to copyright his advertisements, the first to guarantee his goods and offer exchanges and refunds, he created the price tag as we know it today, and was the first to locate a restaurant inside his department store.

Wanamaker was far ahead of his time as the first department store with electrical illumination (1878), first store with a telephone (1879), first store to install pneumatic tubes to transport cash and documents (1880) and the first store with an elevator (1884).

It is hardly surprising that John Wanamaker would sponsor a major sports event and give birth to the Millrose Games. As major sponsorship, meets and attendance began to fade in the 1990s, Europe became a much more important indoor player; however, the Millrose Games continued thanks to the Schmertz family.

The Millrose Games has been through three Madison Square Gardens, two world wars and one Great Depression and still survived to celebrate its 100th birthday.

This year’s centennial meet saw 40-year-old Gail Devers, already the meet and American record holder in the hurdles, win the event in 7.86 seconds-the fastest time in the world this year and nearly a full second better than the listed world record for masters (40+) athletes at 8.71.

Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva set a Millrose Games record while competing for the first time on U. S. soil. Isinbayeva is the 17-time world record holder; she continually breaks her own world record and tried on her last attempt at Millrose but missed.

In the famous Wanamaker Mile Saturday, four-time winner Bernard Lagat was facing off against Craig «Buster» Mottram, the 6-foot-3 Commonwealth Games champion, and Alan Webb, America’s new «home grown» miler. Lagat, a Kenyan runner, apparently has become an American citizen.

Lagat’s legacy is already assured as he is a two-time Olympic 1,500 meter medalist. Webb became the first American high schooler ever to break 4 minutes for the mile indoors (3:59.86), and at the outdoor Prefontaine Classic in Eugene (OR) would run 3:53.43 to break Jim Ryan’s 36-year-old national high school record. In 2004, Webb won the 1,500 meter Olympic Trials, and he ran an outdoor mile in 3:48.92 last year.

The Wanamaker Mile is different and difficult because Madison Square Garden has a 160-yard-banked-board track compared to normal indoor tracks of 200 meters. Because it is shorter, the turns are more difficult and it is 11 laps rather than 8 laps.

In this year’s race, Alan Webb led behind Pacemaker Moise Joseph’s 1:54.99 half mile, and then Bernard Lagat, the defending champion, took over until the Australian Buster Mottram sprinted in front with 4 laps to go.

Mottram knew that Lagat considered it vital to be leading with two laps to go to win, and so Mottram poured it on and still led into the final lap. Lagat then went into another gear and won with better finishing speed in 3:54.26. Mottram was second in an Australian record 3:54.81, and Webb was a disappointing fourth.

I really felt for Alan Webb. He was so psyched to do better against Lagat. When interviewed with Lagat before the race, the announcer reminded Webb that Lagat that gotten the better of him several times and asked how Webb would beat him this time. My heart sank.

I have run too many races and understand how the announcer might well have sealed Webb’s fate right there. I do not think Webb was prepared to answer such a question just prior to the competition, and could not adjust mentally before he competed.

Webb’s answer to the announcer was that he «needed to be tougher» when a better answer would have been «he needed to be smarter,» especially if Webb had run a more tactical race and knew his leg speed was as good as Lagat’s at the finish.

If not, there is no way he could have won without pushing harder earlier in the hope of wearing Lagat out. Lagat is a Kenyan, not a turtle. He can fly as well as run. Webb’s best indoor mile prior was a triumphant 3:55.18 a short week ago in Boston.

Remember, Lagat won in 3:54.81, only 37 one hundredths of a second faster. My guess is Webb is physically ready, but he has some work to do emotionally and mentally to beat Lagat, whose hardened, winning experience and confidence showed better.

They run the Wanamaker Mile for the same reason they play the Super Bowl. You can talk all you want about who will win or why, yet the winning team will have to prove any statements on game day.

Dick Patrick ended his pre-meet story with this outstanding sidebar:

Howard Schmertz was 7 years old when he saw his first Millrose Games in 1933, accompanying his father, meet director Herb Schmertz.

Howard Schmertz, who succeeded his father as director in 1975, since has missed only two Millrose meets when he was fighting in World War II. (Here are Howard) Schmertz’s top Millrose moments:

10) Bernard Lagat wins the 2005 Wanamaker Mile in a Madison Square Garden record 3:52.87.

9) Suleiman Nyambui wins the 1981 5,000 (meter race) after a duel with Alberto Salazar, coming off a New York Marathon win. Nyambui sets a world record 13:20.4.

8) Ireland’s Eamonn Coghlan wins a record seventh Wanamaker Mile in 1987, outdueling Marcus O’Sullivan (another great Irish runner).

7) In the 1984 long jump, second-place Carl Lewis takes over first and sets a world record of 28 feet, 10¼ inches.

6) Marine Corporal John Uelses, using a newly designed fiberglass pole, becomes the first to clear 16 feet in the pole vault.

5) In 1974 Tony Waldrop records the first sub-4-minute mile in Millrose’s history.

4) Mary Decker wins the 1,500 (meter race) by 80 yards in 1980 and sets a world record 4:00.8.

3) In 1955 Denmark’s Gunnar Nielsen reclaims his mile world record from Wes Santee in 4:03.6. Meanwhile, Fred Dwyer, forced off the track on the last lap, and Santee practically wrestle down the homestraight in Nielsen’s wake.

2) In 1942, Cornelius Warmerdam, borrowing a bamboo pole, becomes the first to clear 15 feet in the vault. He broke the Millrose mark of 14-3, held by Sueo Ohe, killed several weeks before in Japan’s invasion of the Philippines.

1) In 1959 John Thomas, 17, becomes the first to clear 7 feet indoors in the high jump, outdueling Charlie Dumas, the first to clear 7 feet outdoors.

Hats off to Dick Patrick for bringing back some great memories. And hats off to the Millrose Games, still the best indoor games in the world.

Copyright © 2007 Ed Bagley

Who Should Liverpool FC Buy in the January Transfer Window?

Note that this article is about who we can realistically buy, not who I want us to buy in fantasy land. Liverpool Football Club have been strongly linked with Turkish whiz-kid Arda Turan recently, and I see this as an ideal move. Reportedly Arda (Turkish players are commonly known by their first name rather than their surname) would be available for around £10m, and we could easily raise that amount of cash with the sale of Andriy Voronin, Ryan Babel and Andrea Dossena. The Turk often plays on the right wing but has been known to play in central midfield before, making him a highly versatile player (the kind that Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez likes).

The second player that could really benefit our team is veteran Dutch striker Ruud Van Nistlerooy, who, at his peak was one of the top marksmen in the world, but sadly now can’t get a game for Real Madrid (his current club) due to their heavy squad redevelopment in the summer (where they spent over £200m on new players).

Another player that could be quite handy is Simon Kjaer. The Danish defender is one of Europe’s hottest defensive talents, and the 20 year old who currently plays at Palermo would be a great addition to our squad and would certainly help to sure up our uncharacteristically leaky defence. Despite this, I think buying Kjaer might be a step too far for us, as we probably don’t have the funds and our money would be better spent on quality attacking players.

EPL Season 2010-2011 Preview – Liverpool

Liverpool had a disappointing 2009/2010 season. They finished at seventh place and barely make it to the Europa League, the second tier of the European competition. They completed the season on 63 points, 23 points behind Chelsea, winner of English Premier League. It was a disaster for them after an amazing 2008/2009 season, which they finished second behind Manchester United. They were challenging closely with Manchester United for the title that season. Liverpool was not able to carry on the momentum to last season and failed miserably. Rafael Benitez, Liverpool coach, leave the club to join Inter Milan.

The club appointed Roy Hogdson to take over his position. Hogdson main task this season is to rebuild the club confidence and ensure that their star players, especially Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, do not leave the club. Currently, he managed to secure the confidence of their players to remain at the club. In addition, the club successfully secures the service of Joe Cole. Joe Cole’s creativity should enhance Liverpool attacking ability for the new season. Furthermore, they also signed Danish midfielder Christian Poulsen for a transfer fee of around 6 million euros.

Liverpool standing in EPL for the last decade.

2009/2010 – Seventh

2008/2009 – Second

2007/2008 – Fourth

2006/2007 – Third

2005/2006 – Third

2004/2005 – Fifth

2003/2004 – Fourth

2002/2003 – Fifth

2001/2002 – Second

2000/2001 – Third

It has been a disappointing decade for Liverpool, considered as the most successful club in England. Their best position in the league is second place on two occasions. Roy Hogdson task is to bring back the glory days of Liverpool Football Club.

Nostalgic Moments of the 90s

Sweet memories to remember. Train of thoughts flowing across your mind. You can vividly see in your mind those clothes that are in fashion and the music of that era still hums in your ear. The jokes and laughter of friends that made an impact in your life.


The emergence of great authors and titles flooded America and even the whole world! One such book is the Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

J. K. Rowling wrote her first novel. She wrote Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on 26 June 1997. This book became popular worldwide and achieved commercial success. It attracted a wide range of both adult and younger readers.


The list of music of the 90’s would be a long one, but there are some chosen ones that resonate in one’s ear, and it wouldn’t matter whatever age you are in.

Deep in your memory, a song is playing. It would be difficult to forget the soundtrack etched in that mind during your days of youth.

Bitter Sweet Symphony

A very ambitious Britpop hit of the late 90s by the British alternative rock band The Verve. Absolutely everywhere, this 6 minute long amazing lyrics became so popular.

Ednaswap was a rock band (1993-1998) from Los Angeles, United States. The band released four major labels in over a span of five years, ‘Torn’ is a song written by Scott Cutler, Anne Preven and Phil Thornalley in 1993.

Barbie Girl

Popularized by Danish dance-pop group, Aqua. The song was released in May 1997. It was the first United Kingdom release that is included on the Aquarium Album. Soren Rasted, Claus Noreen, Rene Dif and Lene Nystrom wrote the song.

This song was number one hit for three weeks worldwide! It reached No.7 in the U.S. Billboard September 6, 1997. This song is the group’s most popular song. But this song became the subject of the Lawsuit Mattel vs MCA Records.

Smells like teen spirit

A very popular song by the American rock band Nirvana as its opening track and the lead single from their second album Nevermind (1991). DGC Records release this album.

U Can’t Touch This

A hit song performed by MC Hammer that he produced and co-written. Very popular song from the album «Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em».


Generally loose fitting and colorful was the fashion trend of the early 1990s. If pants weren’t tapered, one will taper it a fold and couple of flips! Every sweater has a turtleneck under it.

Boys and girls wore baseball caps in so many ways.


So awesome, whether you wear it with one strap down or two straps down.

And if you wanted to be cool, you wore no shirt underneath.


Teenagers everywhere know that in school, you’re only as cool as brands you wear. In the 90s, your denim had to be Girbaud. Fancy fly required.

Long Hair

Was it was Kurt Colbain or was it, Axl Rose? Maybe Anthony Kiedis! Who knows who started it?

Timberland Boots

There is nothing fresher than a new pair of 6-inch wheat, and you are really a pro if you clean them with your pencil eraser.

T.V Series

The year 1990 was the beginning of a new decade

that had survived the neon excesses of the 80s. Then came the 90s, the generation had some of the last great multi-camera sitcoms, the best kids shows and groundbreaking dramas that were aired on network TV.


1994-2004 Friends is an American sitcom, created by David and

Martha Kauffman That was originally aired on NBC from

September 22,1994 to May 6,2004.

Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the brain. Kids just love this animated television series.


Animaniacs is a child’s favorite animated television series.


The Golden Girls

An American sitcom created by Susan Harris and originally aired on NBC from September 14, 1985, to May 9, 1992.


the Teenage Witch. Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Another American sitcom based on the Archie comic book series. The show premiered on ABC.


Films have been made since the 1890s, while children movies that feature kids or relating to kids were made since 1930s.


Titanic is the gigantic elephant in the room, or rather, the entire 1990s. Film nerds are hesitant to put it on a «Best of List».

Home Alone

Kevin McAllister taught us how to dream and scheme. He turned his toys into an effective protection device.

Dumb & Dumber

The title says it all. Dumb & Dumber is the ultimate moron comedy, a loosely series of doofus

episodes and idiotic dialogs that, ironically, achieves a sort of genius aura.


Learning from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality, a computer hacker discovered his role in the war against its controllers.

The Mask

«The Mask», is a movie based on a comic book that was published by Dark Horse comics.

The characters Stanley Ipkiss and The Mask are all impersonated or just

played by Jim Carrey.

NFL Football

The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Selection Committee is the one that determines the National Football League’s All-Decade Teams.

Once again the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s the Committee was asked to come up with a Team of the Decade. This time around, it was clearly stated in the criteria that the only player’s performance during 1990 could be taken into consideration. The team was announced in the late July of 200 as the NFL prepared for its upcoming 81st season.

So there you are folks, the events, and happenings of the 90s,

presented in a way that touched our thoughts and sentiments.

Oh, how sweet it is to remember memories of yesterday.

The Great World Cup Germany 2006

The 2006 FIFA World Cup (officially titled 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany, sometimes referred to as the Football World Cup) finals are scheduled to take place in Germany between 9 June and 9 July 2006. Qualification for the tournament is now complete, with all 32 competing teams confirmed. The 2006 finals are the 18th to be contested.

A total of 12 German cities have been selected to host the World Cup final tournament. The stadium capacities shown are all seated capacities. Many of the stadiums have higher capacities for German domestic football matches as some of the seats are replaced with terraces.Starting from Germany 2006, the winner of the past World Cup had to qualify for the Finals. Only the host nation qualifies automatically from 2006 on.

In the qualification process for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the six FIFA confederations were allocated a share of the 32 spots available on the basis of the strength of their teams. The final distribution was as follows:Europe – represented by UEFA : 51 teams competing for 13 places (Germany qualified automatically as host nation for a total of 14 places) ;Africa – 51 teams;South America -10 teams;Asia – 39 teams;North, Central American and Caribbean -34 teams;Oceania – 12 teams.

For the first time ever, the defending champion (Brazil) does not qualify automatically. The hosts (Germany) will retain their automatic spot. In 1934, the defending champions (Uruguay) declined to participate and the hosts (Italy) had to qualify, but in the tournaments between 1938 and 2002 (inclusive), the hosts and the defending champions had automatic berths.

The original distribution of places between the six confederations called for Oceania to be given one full spot in the final 32; however, this idea was seen as giving Australia a virtually certain place in the finals, being by far the strongest footballing nation in their region. This decision was reconsidered in June 2003 and the previous distribution of places between Oceania and South America was restored.

The main surprises in European qualification at World Cup Germany were the absences of 2002 third-place finishers Turkey (eliminated by Switzerland after a momentous playoff), 2004 European Champions Greece (eliminated by the Ukraine), and established sides Denmark (eliminated by the Ukraine as well), Russia (eliminated by Portugal), and Belgium (eliminated by Serbia-Montenegro and Spain). In Africa, 2002 quarter-finalists Senegal (eliminated by Togo) and established sides South Africa, Cameroon, and Nigeria (eliminated, respectively, by Ghana, C?te d’Ivoire, and Angola) unexpectedly missed the trip to the Finals. The other zones saw no major upsets.While representing Oceania, from the beginning of 2006 Australia is part of the Asian Confederation, and will represent Asia in following World Cups.

If teams are even on points at the end of group play, the tied teams will be ranked as follows:greater number of points obtained in matches between the tied teams,goal difference in matches between the tied teams,greater number of goals scored in matches between the tied teams,goal difference in all group matches,greater number of goals scored in all group matches,a play-off on neutral ground, with extra time and penalties if necessary (in qualifying),drawing of lots (at the final event).This is a change from the 2002 FIFA World Cup, where total goal differential was the first tiebreaker.

Thirty-two years after the last football World Cup in Germany, the 2006 FIFA World Cup will again take place in Germany. For the first time after the reunification of both German states, the entire world will look to the New Germany, situated at the heart of Europe.

The Bet That Can’t Lose

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you placed a bet you knew you were guaranteed to win? We’re not talking about paying for selections from tipsters that are «Guaranteed to win» or «can’t be beaten,» we are talking about taking advantage of a set of circumstances that occur nearly every day which makes losing on a certain bet impossible…and this is called the Arbitrage bet.

An arbitrage betting opportunity happens when the prices between bookmakers differ enough so if all outcomes of the event are backed you are guaranteed a profit.

To take full advantage of the arbitrage bet, you will need to have accounts with a number of online bookmakers and betting exchanges, a minimum of at least two. Using bookmakers odds comparison sites- that are widely available online-you can study the prices on offer by bookmakers for certain events to see whether an arbitrage situation is available.

There are a couple of ways to make an arbitrage bet. Back one outcome to win at a bookmaker and then lay it on the exchanges, or backing an outcome at one Bookmaker, and backing the other outcome at another. The beauty of an arbitrage opportunity is you don’t need to study form, know anything about the sport, or even know anything about betting. All you need to be able to do is spot an arbitrage opportunity.

So how can you spot an arbitrage bet? Here’s a simple example: At bookies Bet777 the odds on darts player A are 6/4 to beat darts player B who is 1/2 to win the match. At Joe Blogs bookmaker the odds on player A are Evens while player B is 8/11.

The differences on prices on offer are enough to create an arbitrage. If you wanted to win £100 you would place £40 (6/4) with Bet777 to win while at Joe Bloggs bookmaker you would place a bet of £57.90 at 8/11 to win £100. So no matter who wins you are now guaranteed to win £100, but you have only bet £97.90 giving you a guaranteed profit of £2.10 or just over 2%.

This doesn’t seem an awful lot but if your stakes were say £1000 and you were placing five or six bet like this a day averaging 3% you would be making a Guaranteed profit of £150 with no risk whatever of losing.

Here’s another example on a football match with odds available on which team will score first.

Denmark v Norway

Denmark 2.88 Coral

No goals 10.00 Betfair

Norway 2.80 VCbet

Covering the three betting options cost £100. Placing a stake of £43.20 on Denmark to score first at Coral, £12.40 with Betfair on no goals and £44.40 with VCBet for Norway to score first created an arbitrage bet of over 24%.

If Denmark score first we get £43.20 x 2.88 = £124.41 minus stake of £100 = £24.41 guaranteed profit.

If no goals are scored we win £12.40 x 10 =£124.00 minus stake £100 = £24.00 guaranteed profit.

If Norway score first we win £44.40 x 2.80 = £124.32 minus stake of £100 = £24.32 guaranteed profit.

So no matter the outcome of the match a profit of over £24 is guaranteed.

With this type of bet you do need to start with a large bank as the larger the bet you can afford to place the bigger the profits you will make and get the full advantage of the arbs on offer.

If this all looks a bit complicated, or you think that spotting an arb is difficult there are aids to help you. You can find arbitrage calculators online that are free to use, this one at Arbcruncher.com will calculate the arbitrage percentage for you.

There are also companies offering arbitrage services which contact you with arbitrage bets they find on a daily basis. These arbitrage tips can be expensive however and you need to be sure you can still make a profit after paying your fees.

Arbitrage betting isn’t for everyone but if you can learn to spot the opportunities you can place bets with confidence knowing you just can’t lose.