Drill Music in the ‘Happiest Country’ in the World I Gangsta Rap International – Denmark

In this episode of Noisey’s global rap series, ‘Gangsta Rap International’, Chuckie meets the masked men bringing the drill scene to the streets of Denmark. How will music’s most controversial genre thrive in one of the safest countries in the world?

Since emerging on the scene in 2019 with their viral hit Mask På, @Shooter Gang have racked up millions of views on YouTube, as well as attention from the police and press in their native Denmark, who fear they are promoting criminality.

From Trillegården in Aarhus, Denmark’s second-biggest city, Shooter Gang introduces Chuckie to a side of Denmark most have never seen before.

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(17 May 2000) Danish/Nat

An Arsenal football fan was stabbed as British and Turkish soccer fans clashed outside bars in Denmark early on Wednesday.

It was hours before the UEFA Cup final between Galatasaray of Turkey and the English club Arsenal.

Police said the fighting that broke out on a main Square in Copenhagen will not affect the security operation for the game, which is already Denmark’s most extensive ever in connection with a soccer match.

Eight people were injured, including a British fan who suffered a head wound and a police officer.

Four Britons and four Turks were arrested.

But fans arriving in Copenhagen from both Britain and Turkey were not put off by the incident.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
» Not at all. Hopefully it is an isolated incident these things happen, its no worse to the west end on a Saturday night in London. I follow my club at the end of the day and enjoy myself. I’ll just be careful and watch what I do. So I’m not worried. I book my ticket for the game I’m not going to miss it.»
SUPER CAPTION: Arsenal Fan, Vox Pop

SOUNDBITE: (English)
» (man)Not at all. Its a bit late, I heard about it on the way to the airport. (woman)It is an isolated incident though. (man) We’re not put off at all.»
Q: If you were offered money back not to travel today would that have made a difference?
A: No, just here to watch the game and have a good time.»
SUPER CAPTION: Arsenal Fans, Vox Pop

SOUNDBITE: (English)
«I didn’t know, I now nothing about that.»
SUPER CAPTION: Galatasaray fan, Vox Pop

SOUNDBITE: (English)
» No everything is funny and nice and tit will be a good event.»
SUPER CAPTION: Galatasaray fan, Vox Pop

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Denmark: Football fans voice disappointment as team falls short of reaching final

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SOT, Fredrick, football fan: «I will say that I’m very sorry that England won today. Of course they are a very good country with very good players, I thought we did our part and we sacrificed each other, and we fought and we did everything we could. In my opinion, even if I saw it in slow motion I didn’t see the penalty, but that is how soccer is, that’s the game, but I thought we really had a chance.»

SOT, Matias, football fan: «Its tough, it sucks, but throughout the whole knockout stage, through out the group stage its been amazing what the danish team has done, it is quite amazing and I’m proud of the team, proud of the nation, and just the joy that that team has brought to all of us has been amazing, and that is what we needed after a tough year.»

SOT, Jonas, football fan: «I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t win, but it was amazing how they played, and they showed that they’ve got the spirit, and we are going to win next time. We’re going to win the World Cup.»

SOT, Jacob, football fan: «I think we did pretty good here, the last half hour. Ten against 11 that’s not exactly a fair fight, but I think we performed very, very well, all things considered.»

SOT, Oliver, football fan: «I’m feeling horrible, I want to go out and party but we lost to England, I think the last couple of minutes were bullsh*t, I was so happy when Schmeichel caught the ball but unfortunately they scored right after. I’m really disappointed but Denmark played well, so I’m proud of Denmark but disappointed that we didn’t get through to the finals.»

#ENGDEN #England #Denmark #EURO2020

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Football, Free Kicks & Unisport – My new life in Denmark! [UPDATE VIDEO]

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IM BACK! I repeat… IM BACK! Haha.
Yeah, it’s been 2 months since my last video and, well, my life has changed A LOT during those 2 months. I moved to Denmark (alone) and started working for Unisport so it’s been a big challenge for me to get used to my new life here in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I’ve been extremely busy with everything the first 8 weeks here, which is why i havent got time to make any new videos. But im back on track again & from now on, i promise to upload stuff more regularly!
In this video i take you guys with me to my new local field, play some football, do some good old Joltter freestyle tricks & even take a free kick or two 😉 I also talk to you a little about my first months here in Denmark & tell you what i do for Unisport!
Anyways, hope you enjoy this video! And dont worry, i will upload videos more frequently from now on!

– Joltter

Cameras used: Canon 60D & GoPro HD Hero2 & Canon IXUS 220 HS
Audio recorder: Zoom H1
Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 10

Scott & Brendo – Somewhere


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(17 May 2000) Natural Sound

An English football fan was stabbed in Copenhagen during running battles between fans of Galatasaray and Arsenal, less than 24 hours before the two football clubs meet in the UEFA Cup final.

Bottles and glasses were thrown and traffic stopped as fans chased each other around the streets of the historic Danish capital.

There were injuries and arrests as the situation escalated out of control after Turkish fans had repeatedly attacked bars with a British or Irish connection.

A mob of Arsenal supporters led resistance to the Turkish attacks and chaos erupted around the Radhuspladsen square.

An English fan was stabbed in the confusion.

The man – thought to be in his late 20s or early 30s – was attacked outside a pub in the busy square.

It was not known whether a knife or bottle was used but the injured man slumped to the ground as rival fans fought a running battle.

When a lull developed in the fighting he received extensive treatment on the road in a main thoroughfare leading off the square.

Concerned Arsenal fans knelt on the ground around him as an ambulance came to take him away.

The trouble had begun late in the evening when a mob surrounded a disco bar called the Absalom in a side-street leading off the square.

Riot police moved in quickly, trapping the Arsenal fans in the bar and driving back the Turks.

Their aggression then switched to the other side of the large square as they attacked a bar called the Scottish Pub, and one fan hurled a glass at its doors as police again quickly intervened.

There followed a further attack on the Absalom, and with the situation still unresolved a gang of 40 Arsenal fans advanced towards their Turkish rivals and a confrontation quickly broke out.

The fans chased each other across the centre of the square and an attack broke out on a bar and restaurant called Rosie McGee’s.

All hell broke loose as missiles of all kinds were thrown by Turks at the bar and returned by the English who had rushed to its doors.

Bottles, glasses and bicycles flew through the night air as the battle raged.

Again police were quickly on the scene, and officers in full riot gear interposed themselves between the warring factions and officers with dogs finally brought the fighting to an end.

It was then that the injury to the Arsenal fan became apparent and concern grew over how serious it might be.

Police in Copenhagen said that, so far, they knew of six or seven arrests and five or six people taken to hospital but they could give no breakdown by nationality.

The clashes came a month after two Leeds United fans were stabbed to death in Istanbul last month on the eve of the first-leg of the semi-final with Galatasaray.

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(17 May 2000) Natural Sound

Rioting erupted in Copenhagen on Wednesday between British and Turkish fans hours prior to the UEFA Cup final between Galatasaray and Arsenal.

Police fired tear gas to disperse the fans.

The match has already marred by overnight clashes and the stabbing of an English supporter, who is recovering in hospital.

APTN’s camera crew was caught in the middle of the violence between rival fans from England and Turkey.

A Turkish camerman was injured.

Helmeted riot police struggled to control the situation around outdoor restaurants near the landmark amusement park.

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Denmark: Danish football fans paint Copenhagen red after reaching historic semi-final

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#DanishFans #Copenhagen #Denmark #CzechRepublic #DANCZE #EURO2020

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