Football, Free Kicks & Unisport – My new life in Denmark! [UPDATE VIDEO]

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IM BACK! I repeat… IM BACK! Haha.
Yeah, it’s been 2 months since my last video and, well, my life has changed A LOT during those 2 months. I moved to Denmark (alone) and started working for Unisport so it’s been a big challenge for me to get used to my new life here in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I’ve been extremely busy with everything the first 8 weeks here, which is why i havent got time to make any new videos. But im back on track again & from now on, i promise to upload stuff more regularly!
In this video i take you guys with me to my new local field, play some football, do some good old Joltter freestyle tricks & even take a free kick or two 😉 I also talk to you a little about my first months here in Denmark & tell you what i do for Unisport!
Anyways, hope you enjoy this video! And dont worry, i will upload videos more frequently from now on!

– Joltter

Cameras used: Canon 60D & GoPro HD Hero2 & Canon IXUS 220 HS
Audio recorder: Zoom H1
Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 10

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35 opiniones en “Football, Free Kicks & Unisport – My new life in Denmark! [UPDATE VIDEO]”

  1. Hi! Joltter~
    I love freekicks like you
    I'm really envy you
    Cuz you are working with football
    I wanna be like you

  2. Shame you don't have much time to upload anymore mate but really happy for what you have achieved. Very well deserved! Peace bro from London!

  3. I think this may be the best video on Youtube. I mean i can't stop watching it and its something that no one really does anymore

  4. Hello! if you want to watch an interesting video about football then you should view my profile. Yesterday I make my first video! Thanks!

  5. You are my favorite youtuber and i love your videos so much,please dont stop making videos i alredy watch them all…..for few days i will start to making football videos,if you wont you can watch them 😀

  6. Unbelievable Video and I Hope You can afford the Time to get some More Videos out, because every Single One is awesome! Keep in Going, joltter!
    Greetings BeastKnuckler
    Ps: would be cool if you could Check me out😆

  7. When you cut your team socks to go over your tru sox how do you keep your team socks from falling apart

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