Denmark v France | 2018 FIFA World Cup | Match Highlights

The first goalless draw of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ saw Denmark progress to the Round of 16, joining opponents France – who topped Group C ahead of the Danes.

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The Bet That Can’t Lose

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you placed a bet you knew you were guaranteed to win? We’re not talking about paying for selections from tipsters that are «Guaranteed to win» or «can’t be beaten,» we are talking about taking advantage of a set of circumstances that occur nearly every day which makes losing on a certain bet impossible…and this is called the Arbitrage bet.

An arbitrage betting opportunity happens when the prices between bookmakers differ enough so if all outcomes of the event are backed you are guaranteed a profit.

To take full advantage of the arbitrage bet, you will need to have accounts with a number of online bookmakers and betting exchanges, a minimum of at least two. Using bookmakers odds comparison sites- that are widely available online-you can study the prices on offer by bookmakers for certain events to see whether an arbitrage situation is available.

There are a couple of ways to make an arbitrage bet. Back one outcome to win at a bookmaker and then lay it on the exchanges, or backing an outcome at one Bookmaker, and backing the other outcome at another. The beauty of an arbitrage opportunity is you don’t need to study form, know anything about the sport, or even know anything about betting. All you need to be able to do is spot an arbitrage opportunity.

So how can you spot an arbitrage bet? Here’s a simple example: At bookies Bet777 the odds on darts player A are 6/4 to beat darts player B who is 1/2 to win the match. At Joe Blogs bookmaker the odds on player A are Evens while player B is 8/11.

The differences on prices on offer are enough to create an arbitrage. If you wanted to win £100 you would place £40 (6/4) with Bet777 to win while at Joe Bloggs bookmaker you would place a bet of £57.90 at 8/11 to win £100. So no matter who wins you are now guaranteed to win £100, but you have only bet £97.90 giving you a guaranteed profit of £2.10 or just over 2%.

This doesn’t seem an awful lot but if your stakes were say £1000 and you were placing five or six bet like this a day averaging 3% you would be making a Guaranteed profit of £150 with no risk whatever of losing.

Here’s another example on a football match with odds available on which team will score first.

Denmark v Norway

Denmark 2.88 Coral

No goals 10.00 Betfair

Norway 2.80 VCbet

Covering the three betting options cost £100. Placing a stake of £43.20 on Denmark to score first at Coral, £12.40 with Betfair on no goals and £44.40 with VCBet for Norway to score first created an arbitrage bet of over 24%.

If Denmark score first we get £43.20 x 2.88 = £124.41 minus stake of £100 = £24.41 guaranteed profit.

If no goals are scored we win £12.40 x 10 =£124.00 minus stake £100 = £24.00 guaranteed profit.

If Norway score first we win £44.40 x 2.80 = £124.32 minus stake of £100 = £24.32 guaranteed profit.

So no matter the outcome of the match a profit of over £24 is guaranteed.

With this type of bet you do need to start with a large bank as the larger the bet you can afford to place the bigger the profits you will make and get the full advantage of the arbs on offer.

If this all looks a bit complicated, or you think that spotting an arb is difficult there are aids to help you. You can find arbitrage calculators online that are free to use, this one at will calculate the arbitrage percentage for you.

There are also companies offering arbitrage services which contact you with arbitrage bets they find on a daily basis. These arbitrage tips can be expensive however and you need to be sure you can still make a profit after paying your fees.

Arbitrage betting isn’t for everyone but if you can learn to spot the opportunities you can place bets with confidence knowing you just can’t lose.

New Messi from Denmark! 16 year old schoolboy shocked the football world. Jeppe Kjaer

New Messi from Denmark! 16 year old schoolboy shocked the football world. Jeppe Kjaer

Today, a Champions League draw will take place, Chelsea is getting closer to Havertz, Messi can fire Barca’s coach and president, Manchester United is near the Champions League spot, a 16-year-old schoolboy Jeppe Kjaer has already conquered the world!

#football #newmessi #JeppeKjaer

Are Energy Drinks Hazardous to Your Health?

Do you know of a teenager that is addicted to energy drinks? Energy drink consumption for teenagers and people in their twenties is the fastest growing group in the soft drink industry, with sales totaling a whopping nine billion dollars. In fact, they are quite popular on most college campuses, and among adults in the workplace. Many of these energy drink companies are finding ways to maneuver the FDA, and do not have to report how much caffeine or even disclose certain information to the FDA. Many people are becoming dependent upon these drinks, as they feel that they perform better during physical and mental activities, can stay up longer to study, fight fatigue, increase metabolism and athletic ability. The CDC reported that «one in three adults consumed an energy drink within the past week, 21% had drank them more than once in the last week, and 11% consumed more than three energy drinks per week». The most alarming trend is that these drinks are commonly coupled with alcohol, and research shows that college students consume more alcohol when mixed with energy drinks.

Drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, AMP, 5-Hour energy, and others contain such ingredients as caffeine, Taurine, sugar, (even more sugar, such as sucralose and high fructose corn syrup), synthetic vitamins and chemicals, and other flavorings. Side effects can include:

Caffeine: According to the Mayo clinic, caffeine has been shown to cause anxiety, nervousness, tremors and shakes, dehydration, headaches, rapid hard rate, difficulty breathing, increased blood pressure, irritability, and lack of sleep. It stimulates your central nervous system, making it difficult for many people to sleep. Red Bull among many other energy drinks that contain a lot of caffeine, causes the body to leach calcium, resulting in weaker bone structure, which can then contribute to Osteoporosis when taken over a long period of time. Red Bull is banned in Norway, Uruguay, France, and Denmark because of its many adverse effects.

Taurine: An essential amino acid, Taurine helps regulate bodily levels of water and salt, and is an anti-oxidant. It also plays a role in helping cardiac patients with angina and respiratory issues. The University of Utah reports that consuming only one amino acid supplement like Taurine can alter nitrogen balance in the body, lower metabolism and put undue stress on kidney function. Increased Taurine supplementation in children can cause stunted growth.

Sugar: With an abundance of extra sugar such as glucose and sucrose, tooth decay and other dental problems can develop, not to mention adrenal and pancreatic problems. Rockstar contains 102 grams of sugar!

A healthy alternative: drink orange juice, and eat orange slices to help improve circulation and oxygenate tissues. Apples are great fruits to increase energy as well! So goes the saying, «an apple a day keeps the doctor away».

Alarming statistics include:

  • A federal agency, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, reported energy drinks caused over 13,000 emergency room visits in 2009.
  • Children are drinking more caffeinated drinks, and are averaging 60-70mg per day, and sometimes as much as 700mg per day.
  • 33% of US teens, and 50% of college students consume energy drinks and caffeinated beverages on a consistent basis.

Do Energy Drinks help athletes perform better? Creighton University conducted a study on 17 college males, to research the effect of sugar-free Red Bull on weight lifting. The study determined no improvement in lifting after consumption. Another study was done by Utah State University with a low-calorie caffeine energy drink with Taurine on 20 NCAA Division I football players, and they did not run faster or perform better in various athletic tests.

When choosing a drink, water is your best bet. You can even consider adding lemon / lime drops to your water. Smoothies with added fruit and a quality protein powder also helps with energy. Do your research to determine which drink is right for you, and what positive and negative effects they may cause.

Schmeichel reveals the TRUTH about 'Ooh, Danish Friends!' | Fan Q&A | #AskKasper

We caught up with Leicester City and Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel to ask him YOUR fan questions, including…

Who is the toughest striker he has ever come up against? Does he have many ‘Danish Friends’? Which Leicester outfield player would he choose to go in goal?

Watch Premier League LIVE on Sky Sports here ►


Nigeria World Cup Scorers at the 1998 FIFA World Cup Hosted by France

Nigeria qualified to represent Africa at the 1998 FIFA World Cup hosted by Spain alongside fellow Africans- Cameroon, Morocco, Tunisia, and South Africa. It was a tournament that saw the return of most of the squad members that participated at the 1994 World Cup. The 1998 FIFA World Cup witnessed some sensational goals and Nigeria Super Eagles were not left out in the goal feast. Below is a profile of Nigeria goal scorers at France 1998.

  • Mutiu Adepoju

Mutiu Adepoju who was popularly referred to as «the Headmaster» scored a classical opening goal via a header in the 24th minutes of play in Nigeria first match against Spain. His equalizing goal canceled out Fernando Hierro 21st minutes strike. He was then plying his trade with Spanish outfit- Racing Santander

  • Garba Lawal

Garba Lawal forced the Spanish Goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta into committing a blunder that resulted in an own goal. The goal came off an aimless shot from the left-wing which was Zubizarreta subsequently parried into his own net to level score at 2-2.

  • Sunday Oliseh

Nigeria best goal of the 1998 FIFA World Cup was scored by Nigeria attacking midfielder- Sunday Oliseh in Nigeria opening game against Spain. He scored via a blistering 45 meters canon from outside the 18 yard box, to beat veteran Spanish goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta. The goal was later replayed in major television channels during and after the World Cup. Sunday Oliseh blistering goal secured victory for the Super Eagles of Nigeria and it became the biggest upset of the tournament. The match ended 3-2 after regulation time.

  • Victor Ikpeba

Nigeria striker- Victor Ikpeba scored the solitary goal which sealed victory for Nigeria against Greece in the 28th minutes of the first half. Ikpeba who was then playing for Monaco of France later became known as «the prince of Monaco» because of his goal scoring exploits at Monaco.

  • Wilson Oruma

Wilson Oruma who played as an attacking midfielder in the 1998 FIFA World Cup, scored a sensational 11th minutes goal that caused quite a scar in Nigeria third and final group match with Paraguay. His single goal could not stop Paraguay from inflicting a 3-1 defeat on Nigeria.

  • Tijani Babangida

Diminutive right winger- Tijani Babangida was on the scorers chart when Nigeria got humiliated 4-1 by Denmark in the 1998 FIFA World Cup round of 16. It was a match that saw the Danish striker- Ebbe Sand creating history as the substitute to score the fastest goal in a FIFA World Cup. He scored in the 59th minutes of the second half immediately after coming into the field of play.

Denmark 5-0 Israel 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Reaction! Pack Your Bags, You’re Going To Qatar

Denmark 5-0 Israel 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Reaction! Pack Your Bags, You’re Going To Qatar

Denmark vs Israel 5-0 European World Cup Qualifiers


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Euro 2020: How Denmark team doctor, medics saved Eriksen’s life

Fans and players watched on in horror as Denmark’s star Christian Eriksen collapsed in their Euro 2020 game against Finland.

He is now conscious and stable, as tournament organisers confirmed.

Eriksen remains in hospital and is undergoing tests.

Al Jazeera’s David Stokes reports.

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2010 World Cup – More African Teams Lose First Matches

African teams featuring in this year’s world cup have so far played their first matches in the group stages wining a match (16.66%), drawing two matches (33.33%) and losing three matches (50%). This is not too impressive, considering the fact that Africa has 6 teams taking part in the tournament on her soil.

Only Ghana was able to win her first match; South Africa and Cote d’ivoire each drew their matches while Nigeria, Algeria and Cameroon all lost theirs. To be fair to Nigeria, losing to a great team like Argentina was not a particularly a poor performance. This is because Argentina paraded 4 deadly strikers – Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Carlos Tevez and Diego Milito (Remember Messi is the current world footballer of the year). Nigeria actually put up a superlative performance to be able to contain the rampaging Argentine attack. Nigeria’s Goal keeper, Vincent Enyeama was voted «Man of the match» and is currently rated one of the best Goal keepers of the tournament.

Algeria played well against Slovenia, but lost the game after their striker Abdelkader Ghezzal was red-carded for deliberately handling the ball in the second half. The Slovenians took advantage of the one man deficit to defeat the North African team. So far of all the teams that have lost their opening games, Cameroon has disappointed the fans the most, losing 0-1 to lowly rated Japan. That loss to Japan has now dampened their chances of advancing in a group that still has Netherlands and Denmark. Cameroon now needs to win their last two matches or at least win one and draw the other, if they hope to make it from that group.

South Africa started well in their opener against Mexico, drawing against Mexico which had earlier beaten the world champions, Italy in a friendly match prior to the commencement of the world cup. Siphiwe Tshabalala got voted as the «Man of the match». Coted’ivoire also gave a very good account of themselves as they held Portugal to a goalless draw. With Didier Drogba sitting on the bench for a better part of the encounter, the Ivoriens were able to stop the Portuguese (with Cristiano Ronaldo|) from scoring against them.

All hope is not lost for Africa, as the participating teams still have chances to make it to the second round and beyond. All they need to do is believe in themselves and take every game as they come. All kinds of fear must be dissipated; they would play better if they remain comported and fearless against their opponents. The fans are solidly behind them; the environment is friendly for them to perform well. They should also remember that only once has a continent hosted and lost the trophy (Korea/Japan 2002). This might just be the chance for an African team to win the world cup. Best luck to you all.