How Denmark is SHOCKING the world at Euro 2020…

Denmark are the surprise package of the Euro 2020 but it is no surprise that they are playing so well. Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest galvanized the team to fight for one another and this maybe enough for them to repeat the antics of 1992 Euros where no one expected them to win either.

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Alabama Vs LSU: The BCS Works

The best is supposed to be what we want, right?

I mean, no one would settle for Detroit when he could have Paris. Only a fool (or a world-class miser) would hold on to his Chevy Metro when he could afford to plunk down $1.7 million for a Bugatti Veyron. And before today I had never heard of Noma, but a lot of people swear this Danish restaurant is the finest in the world and if I had the opportunity to dine there for free, I certainly wouldn’t say, sorry, I’m full.

So why are so many college football fans so darn upset over the LSU vs. Alabama rematch that will conclude the 2011 season on Jan. 9 in the National Championship Game?

Okay, on a very obvious level I get the rancor. Their first meeting – Nov. 5’s breathlessly overhyped «Game of the Century» that ended in a 9-6 LSU win – did not exactly deliver pulse-pounding action, unless you consider the punting game to be the height of athletic thrills.

And there’s no denying that SEC fatigue is a very real condition in non-red states. The conference is guaranteed a sixth straight national champion and, depending on the outcome, LSU will win its third or Alabama will capture its second title in the last eight years. The good ol’ boys have become monotonously monstrous, and their fans love nothing more than reminding the rest of the country of how superior their brand of football is.

Despite all that, there is no escaping this simple fact: LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in college football right now. They have proven that conclusively over the course of the last four months. In short, they have earned the right to play for the crystal football.

The bitter complainers out there – namely Oklahoma State and Stanford – simply don’t have a case. Either could have earned a spot in New Orleans on Jan. 9 but they failed at key moments. Oklahoma State inexplicably lost to Iowa State while Stanford was handled easily by Oregon at home. Sure, Bama lost too – to the best team in the nation, in overtime, by a measly three points, in a game it would have won if their field goal kicker didn’t have the aim of Helen Keller.

Yes, you’re probably thinking, but what about a playoff? If our goal is to have the best, surely that would top having some computers and human voters decide who plays for the crown, right? Well, not necessarily. A four-team playoff would be great. Stanford vs. LSU and Oklahoma State vs. Alabama in the semifinals, with the winners to meet for all the glory – sign me up for that. Any playoff setup larger than that, however, would really start to lessen the importance of the regular season.

Do we really need Arkansas, which got reamed by both LSU and Alabama, competing for the right to say it’s the best team in the land? Or Kansas State, which lost by 41 points to Oklahoma and barely escaped Eastern Kentucky – EASTERN KENTUCKY?! – by three points? Or Boise State, which faced fewer quality teams in an entire season than LSU or Alabama did in a couple of weeks?

HIGHLIGHTS | Denmark 2-0 Scotland

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifiers
Denmark 2-0 Scotland
Wednesday, 1 September 2021, kick-off 7.45pm (UK time)
Telia Parken, Copenhagen

Denmark: Daniel Wass (14), Joakim Maehle (15)

Denmark ran out 2-0 winners in Copenhagen against Scotland, maintaining their 100% record in Group F.

Two first half goals from Wass and Maehle put Scotland on the back foot and although Steve Clarke’s men came out stronger in the second-half it wasn’t enough to prevent a 2-0 defeat ahead of Saturday’s home match against Moldova.

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Get Ready to Bet For FIFA 2010 Qualifiers

It may seem somewhat early to select teams for the FIFA 2010 Grand Soccer World Cup in the beautiful land of South Africa as there are almost six teams which still need to qualify for the event. The teams from Africa who already have qualified are South Africa itself, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. The teams from Asia are Japan, North Korea, Australia and South Korea. The teams which qualified from Europe are Switzerland, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain, Germany, England, Italy, Serbia and Netherlands. The countries that still need to qualify are Mexico, United States and Honduras and some matches are still needed to be played in order to get the teams to qualify.

For those people who are really devotees of betting in soccer, you must get as much information as you can regarding the teams so you can have you’re best shot for betting on the FIFA 2010 games. At the moment Brazil can be a wonderful option to place bets on as they are considered to be a talented team for the Soccer World Cup and they always qualify for the World Cup. They also have a strong line up of players which guarantees a strong play from their team in the FIFA 2010 Grand Soccer World Cup. On the other hand if we look into the list of 16 best teams from FIFA then there is Australia whom you can have a lot of hopes from as well.

If you want to be successful in your betting then all you need is information about your team. You cannot be successful unless and until you are getting all necessary information about each and every aspect of the team like injured players, substitutions,etc. This way you can actually predict the winning chances of any team.

You can choose from different types of traditional betting systems like win bets, lay bets and each way bets. People who really take betting as their hobby are the most successful ones in this field of making most out of any kind of event and right now World Cup 2010 is the most important event to make money from.

All DENMARK GOALS on their way to EURO 2020!

Watch every goal from Denmark’s successful EURO 2020 qualifying campaign.

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Peru – The Magic Country


Benjamin Bratt (actor): His movies include: Shadown Hunter (1992), Demolition Man (1993), Kill or Be Killed (1993), Woman Undone (1995) and Exiled (1998).

Yma Sumac (actress and singer): Sumac was born in Peru. She has American citizen.

Helena Christensen (Model): Like Fernanda Tavares, Elsa Benitez and Juncal Rivero, she was a spectacular super-model in Europe in the United States in the 1990s. In 1986 Helena had been elected Miss Denmark.

Alejandro «Alex» Olmedo (tennis player): Was born in Arequipa (Peru). Like Mary Jo-Fernandez, Richard «Pancho» Gonzalez, Alex became American citizen. He came to the United States from Lima as a schoolboy. He is the only Latin American who has won one Wimbledon Tournament (1959).Alejandro played many times for the United States and he won at the 1958 Davis Cup


Peru is the first country which has had a President of Japanese ancestry. From 1990 to 2000, Alberto Kenya Fujimori, best known as «Chinese», was President of Peru. In 1992, Fujimori made history when he became dictator. During his dictatorship, he rewrote the Constitution.

Opposition and human rights groups accused Fujimori of violating human rights. Ironically, his government was an advocate for the women’s rights, anti-terrorism and tourism. In 1996, Miriam Schenone became minister of the Woman and Human Development.

Under his authoritarian rule, Fujimori received aid from the People’s of China and Japan. Protest marches against the dictatorship took place in 2000.That year, Fujimori fled to Japan, where he received asylum.

His style has been compared to Ferdinand Marcos, former dictator of Philippines….


Juan Carlos «Johnny» Bello (swimming): The most famous swimmer in the Peruvian history. Johnny decided to learn to swim at the age of seven. From 1965 to 1973, he won several international medals.

Teofilo Cubillas (football): Cubillas, best known for his nickname «Nene», has played in three World Cups (Mexico-70, Argentina-78 and Spain-82). Certainly, Peru was one of the best teams in the 1970s.He is now recognized as a symbol of South American football.

Cecilia Tait (volleyball): Peru’s most talented player appeared as a sub aged 18 at the Pan American Games in San Juan (Puerto Rico).Like Lang Ping (the People’s Republic of China) and Flora «Flo» Hyman (United States),she is one of the best players in the volleyball history. She has played more than 300 games for Peru in the 1970s and 1980s.Tait has become an icon for the Peruvian sport. She was a congresswoman.

Gabriela Perez del Solar (volleyball): She was one of the World’s most popular players because of her all out effort and humble personality. Made her debut in the 1984 South American Youth Cup in Chile. She, best known as «Gaby», has been described as one of the best athletes by Peruvian journalists. The 1993 South American Championship was her last international tournament. Currently, she is a congresswoman since 2006. She has projects about Olympic sports.

Edwin Vazquez Cam (shooting): Edwin made history when won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1948.He was one of the best shooters in the Third World. Latin America has produced many shooters, but none as Edwin Vazquez Cam. Like Marlene Ottey, Marlene Arehns, James Gilkes and Lloyd Labeach, he has become a symbol in the Latin American sport.



Shining Path, a group terrorist in Peru, has been called «The Khmer Rouge of Latin America. Abimael Guzman Reynoso, terrorist leader, has been compared to Pol Pot. The indigenous were victims of a delivete policy of genocide by Shining Path. More than 50,000 Peruvians have been killed by Shining Path.


Mario Vargas Llosa (writer)…Hernando de Soto (economist)…Cesar Vallejo (writer)…Daniel Alomia Robles (composer)…Fernando Belaunde Ferry (ex President)…Fernando de Szyslo (painter)…Chabuca Granda (singer)… Susana Baca (singer)…Luis Flores (designer)…Victor Delfín (sculpter)…Jose Carlos Mariategui (writer), Javier Perez de Cuellar (diplomatic), Alfredo Bryce Echenique (writer)…


-Bach, Caled. «Mario Vargas Llosa mundo sin limites», Americas, Washington DC, abril 2004

-Bowen, Sally. El expediente Fujimori, Perú Monitor, Lima, 2000

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-Diccionario Histórico y Biográfico del Perú Siglos XV-XX, Milla Batres, Lima 1986

-Elton, Catherine. «El retorno de Ayacucho», Americas, Washington DC, diciembre de 1999

-Enciclopedia Ilustrada del Perú, Peisa, Lima, 2001

-Guevara Onofre, Alejandro. Historia de la Mujer de los Estados Unidos, Cecosami

-Lama, Abraham. «Perú: difícil sendero», Nueva Sociedad, Caracas, septiembre-octubre 1988

-Lizarburu,Raúl. «El documental del terror», La República, Lima, 4 de julio 2005

-Orbegoso, Manuel Jesus. «Pérez de Cuéllar a Ghali: entrego la posta», El Dominical del Diario El Comercio, Lima, 5 de enero de 1992

-Perry, Ellen. Documental: La caída de Fujimori/ Estados Unidos/ 2005

-Yates, Pamela. Documental: Estado de miedo / Perú-Estados Unidos/2005

Denmark Qualifies for World Cup 2022!


Congrats to Denmark on qualifying for next years world cup! They are simply balling at the moment it really is amazing to see!!

Let me know in the comments your thoughts of this Danish squad!

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England 0-1 Denmark | Three Lions Defeated | UEFA Nations League | Highlights

England suffered defeat to Denmark at Wembley Stadium in the UEFA Nations League. Christian Eriksen scored a penalty whilst Harry Maguire and Reece James were both sent off.

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UEFA Reconsidering Standing At European Games

Standing during English football matches has been banned since April 15, 1989 when the Hillsborough disaster occurred. The unfortunate event took place at the Hillsborough Stadium located in Sheffield, England where 96 people, all Liverpool fans, were killed. Since then no one has been able to stand at a stadium during a football match.

Michel Platini, president of UEFA, has taken the issue into hand after fans have claimed that Werder Bremen allows standing during their domestic games. That is because standing is very much popular in domestic football in Germany and the country counts with many new stadia which offer a special section specifically designed for fans that prefer to stand up and is said to be completely safe by authorities.

The Veltins Arena, home for Schalke 04, has staggered barriers on every fourth step of the standing section and can be easily removed and replaced with seats to host international or European games. The seats in the Werder Bremen stadium have a system where the seats lock up to allow standing.

These are more modern than old terraces and some allege they are much more secure than standing in seated areas. UEFA spokesman told reporters the current rules apply and there are no immediate plans to reinstate standing, but they are willing to discuss the matter and look into new possibilities.

The conference was held in Nyon, Switzerland and included fan representatives from across Europe such as; England, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and the supporters Direct organizations from the United Kingdom and Germany.

William Gaillard, UEFA’s communications director, stated that to his and others opinions that sitting is the best way to view a football match, but they are open to review the fans’ concerns along with FIFA and they will keep their mind open to new options.