Danish amateurs play Slovakia: international football friendly live – Slovakia 2 Denmark 0

Tomáš Hubočan surges through and he is stopped in agricultural fashion by Kasper Kempel.Not sure if they allow that in futsal or not to be honest but they don’t allow it in actual football.
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Amateurs hour: bitter contract dispute decimates Denmark’s team
mins: Slovakia 0 Denmark 0
Slov on the attack, but they have put the ball out of play. What we really need to know here is «what are the professions of the Danish XI?» Is left-back a milkman? Does the centre-half run a hair salon with his partner? Is the tricky right-winger an electrician?
6 mins: Slovakia 0 Denmark 0
Our brave lads, inspired perhaps by the fairytales of Hans Cristian Andersen or perhaps the Rocky IV era work of Brigitte Nielsen in her pomp, are fighting magnificently so far and the score remains zero goals to zero.
10 mins: Slovakia 0 Denmark 0
An unflattering shot of the Slovakian coach, who looks like he might be losing his patience with all this.
GOAL! Slovakia 1 Denmark 0
Oh dear. The hosts have scored. Will that open the floodgates?

Nemec the scorer, Kucka the man credited with the assist.
20 mins: Slovakia 1 Denmark 0
Not too much of the ball so far for Offenberg the skipper, but Vollesen, the student who is playing right-back is in the game. Needs to watch his positioning, the back four not all stepping up together, but doing a game job nevertheless.
25 mins: Slovakia 1 Denmark 0
Denmark with a chance! A low cross, number nine Oskar Høybye strikes it first time, but he has spooned it over the bar.
35 mins: Slovakia 1 Denmark 0
Tomáš Hubočan surges through and he is stopped in agricultural fashion by Kasper Kempel. Not sure if they allow that in futsal or not to be honest but they don’t allow it in actual football.

Keeper with an iffy punch at the freekick but they get it clear.
36 mins: Slovakia 1 Denmark 0
Here, one of the Danish lads makes trick shot football videos on You Tube.
GOAL! Slovakia 2 Denmark 0
Shame, that will be goodnight sweet princes for the plucky Danishers. Slovakia have got the second, Albert Rusnák driving forward from the inside right position and hitting a hard low shot that’s got too much mustard on it for the lads in Denmark nets.
HALF TIME: Slovakia 2 Denmark 0
Well, far from disgraced in that half, the lads. Here’s hoping that they can keep it respectable in the second dig and, better than that, maybe pinch one? That would be dreamland.

Euro 2008 – Football Worldcup Guide

The days are being counted as are approaching the Euro 2008 which is definitely going be the blockbuster tournament of the year. The UEFA Euro 2008 will be hosted by Switzerland and Austria. The opening match will be held on Saturday 7th June 2008 at St. Jakob-Park in Basel. Sixteen teams will battle it out in the ultimate tournament with only one goal in mind, the Euro 2008 Cup. The teams are from Switzerland, Czech Republic, Portugal. Turkey, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Italy. Romania, France, Greece. Sweden, Spain and Russia.

The teams qualified for the Euro 2008 tournament went through tough qualifying matches to reach to the top spots in their standings. The teams divided into seven groups, with the top two in each section going straight into the finals. The qualifying system was simple enough, but still very few sides found it to be plain sailing. Greece being the team with 31 points had to face the most humiliating defeats in their history. After Germany’s Otto Rehhagel failed to make it in the FIFA World Cup in his home country, he was then determined to make a statement in the UEFA Euro 2008 qualifiers but his team had to face a terrible defeat in his own home against Turkey in the most memorable Group C Euro 2008 qualifiers game. Even though Germany made an early goal but Turkey’s play tempo did not let Germany keep up with them.

Turkey managed to achieve the runner’s up place in the Euro 2008 qualifiers table after their final struggling match. England faced many defeats in the qualifying matches but with much struggle managed to steal one victory from Israel putting England last position in Group E of Euro 2008 qualifiers. England did recover from the early defeats in the tournament when they followed a 0-0 draw at home against F.Y.R. Macedonia with 2-0 defeat in Croatia. However, two second-half Roman Pavlyuchenko goals saw Russia make a comeback after the 2-1 defeat in Moscow which then let them only to win their remaining games against the already eliminated Israel and Andorra. Omer Golan’s late goal saw Israel beat Russia 2-1, and then handed the initiative back to Steve McClaren’s England to face Croatia for a spot at the Euro 2008 but unfortunately faced a tie against group winners Croatia. At Wembley a qualification was expected only if the match drew but they lost 3-2 making big errors during the game and let Russia move on 1-0 win against Andorra. Russia’s coach did not expect it to end this way. Other worthy matches of the Euro 2008 qualifying tournament included Denmark-Sweden tie which was finally called off when a pitch invader attacked referee Herbert Fandel for dismissing a Denmark player and awarding the away side a penalty.Don’t forget to catch live UEFA Euro 2008 tournament matches on your PCs. It isn’t worth missing it.

football skills , football SUSLU from Denmark

Suslu from Hvidovre If


We played street football Holland vs Denmark on our second day in Rotterdam! Crazy line up of players in this video: Amin Benmoumou, Kristoffer Liicht, Omid Ganjjou, Suell Osmani The Gypsy, Anders Fiil, Jacob Corneliusen, Tom Vegter, Jeand Doest, Nasser El Jackson, Issy Hitman, Nabil Killer Akkazoun. We also did many awesome challenges and tutorials, check out the videos below:

Liicht vs Nasser Groundmoves Battle:

Copenhagen Panna House vs Street Lions Full Battle:

Holland VS Denmark Full Game:

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Pilots Soccer Program Thriving

When it comes to school soccer programs, Portland University – a private catholic university found in Portland, Oregon – has one of the best. Founded in 1901, Portland University is the sister school to the better-known University of Notre Dame, and has been actively promoting its soccer program for 21 years.

In the time the soccer program has been in operation it has produced some notable players. One of the Alumni, 37-year-old Kasey Keller – the USA national team’s all-time leader for the position of goalkeeper – is currently active within the English Premier League, playing for fashionable London club Fulham. Another former Pilot, 22-year-old Heath Pearce signed for German Bundesliga team Hansa Rostock before the start of the 2007 season; following in the footsteps of two other former Pilots Conor Casey and Steve Cherundolo who also played in Germany. Other players have made their mark in professional teams in the USA, Denmark and Greece.

But it’s not just the Portland players who have made an impact; Clive Charles was appointed Pilots head coach in 1986, and after ten years of leading the team and earning the respect of the soccer world became the US Olympic team coach in 1996.

Prior to the start of the current season, the Pilots men’s team was polled to finish tied-fourth in the season in the West Coast Conference in the 2007 WCC preseason coaches poll, and their performances during the season so far suggest that they will at least achieve that position.

There is also an active women’s soccer program at Portland, which was established in 1989, when men’s coach Clive Charles was appointed to run the women’s team. In 1992 Charles pulled off a rare feat when he got both his men’s and women’s teams to the NCAA play-offs. His teams finished the season as number one ranked men’s team and number three ranked women’s team, helping to cement Charles reputation as a top-class coach. The women’s team were winners of the NCAA Women’s soccer championship in 2005 and are currently ranked third in the four major soccer polls; The National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSSAA), Soccer America, Soccer Buzz and SoccerTimes all place the Pilots behind Santa Clara and Stanford.

If you are a soccer fan and you are tempted to come to watch either of the Pilots soccer teams in action, look to secure a room at a hotel in Portland well in advance as around game days they tend to get full of family, friends and fans!

Freestyle Football Competition – Red Bull Street Style 2013 Denmark

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Freestyle soccer competitions went global in 2008 and changed its name to Red Bull Street Style. The competition opens its stage for the whole world to showcase and battle. The first world wide edition took place in Brazil, where the freestylers who advanced from respective national «battles» in more than 40 national contests met during the world finals.

3 minutes, 2 players, 1 ball: In each «battle» two players square off in a one-on-one duel against each other. They take alternating 20-second turns with the ball, using their time to show off the best of their artistic moves to the sounds of breakdance and hip-hop music.

In the finals, the judges will be evaluating the three minutes flow based on control, creativity and style. The winner advances to the next round. There are no limits – other than the standard prohibition on the use of hands and a requirement that the ball and performer stay within a 7-metre wide (27-foot) competition area.


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"Upsets" Do Happen In Soccer Matches, Why Not Take Advantage Of Them?

Calling all the fanatic soccer fans (if you dare to admit you are one of them) out there. Do you know that there is a major soccer event lining up for you just around the corner?

Yes! Indeed, this campaign will start from 7 – 29 June 2008 and it is the Euro 2008 Cup

WOW, it is so close now. Are you gearing up and ready to enjoy this big soccer event?

Below is a list of past winners just to help you «kick start» your interest.

Year Winner Runner-up Third Fourth

2004 Greece Portugal Czech Republic & Netherlands

2000 France Italy Portugal & Netherlands

1996 Germany Czech Republic England & France

1992 Denmark Germany Netherlands & Sweden

1988 Netherlands USSR Germany & Italy

1984 France Spain Denmark & Portugal

1980 Germany Belgium Czechoslovakia Italy

1976 Czechoslovakia Germany Netherlands Yugoslavia

1972 Germany USSR Belgium Hungary

1968 Italy Yugoslavia England USSR

1964 Spain USSR Hungary Denmark

1960 USSR Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia France

Titles Country

3 Germany

2 France

1 Denmark

1 Netherlands

1 Czechoslovakia

1 Greece

1 Italy

1 Spain


Do you believe «upsets» do occur and «impossible» really happen in soccer matches?

I hope you still remember the famous upsets created by the «underdog» Greece in the Euro 2004! They had beaten all the big boys in the European leagues and made an impossible mission by winning the Euro 2004 Cup.

It really made many people jaws dropped!

This story tells you that it is not impossible to make some quick money but you need to do some simple homework to find out the «value bets» and when to place your bets.

How wonderful it is to be able to generate extra cash while you are following your favorite teams in this coming Euro 2008 soccer campaign. Learn the trick from here.

Football Respect & Emotional Moments 2021

Football Respect & Emotional Moments 2021, ft. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Eriksen, Lukaku, Mbappe, De bruyne, De gea, Bale..

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Horror Moments in Football ??

Christian Eriksen Collapse ?? Horror Moments in Football

Christian Eriksen Collapse

Christian Eriksen Heart Attack During Euro Cup 2021