La VERDAD detrás de La Liga y Vinicius 😔😳 #futbol

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50 opiniones en “La VERDAD detrás de La Liga y Vinicius 😔😳 #futbol”

  1. It’s time for the players to take a stance for racism and not play no games. Changes will only be made when it starts to effect the owners and organizations bottom line, MONEY MONEY MONEY. No money, no lifestyle, FACTS💯

  2. Fun fact the the ref that gave vini a red card was the same ref that gave cr7 a red card for being called a Portuguese peasant. now that ref is more racist that stadium that vini played at☠

  3. "hey, guys, are you a person like me, huh your a fan from a club but not playing, just admit it, im better" Vini

  4. How sad and disgusting that they want him to apologize when they are the ones that are so racist how dare they ask him to apologize when he was the one that was attacked with racial slurs. They need a new president this should have never happened to him

  5. Si todos los seres humanos somos iguales, ¿porque consideráis ofensivo decirle mono a una persona negra y no a un blanco?
    Los racistas sois vosotros, porque tratáis a los negros como personas inferiores a los que tenéis que proteger.
    Os traiciona el subconsciente.
    Es de manual que los acomplejados buenistas, para elevar su baja autoestima tengan una actitud paternalista con quiénes en su fuero interno consideran inferiores.
    Eso es racismo velado.

  6. Not "Spanish football" but Spanish society itself. What happens in the league reflects how the society is.

  7. As a Real Madrid fan, this is just disgusting in La Liga. This league is filled with racism. Vinicius got called monkey, getting shown middle fingers. It’s hard for him. And when he was held in a choke hold, the only player that got a red card was Vinicius himself. This is not a healthy league even though the president says it isn’t filled with racism. Stay strong Vinicius! We are with you✊👊

  8. Remember Spain was a fascist nazi state that nothing has changed oppression, and discrimination is part of this nation.

  9. Spain is a complete rascist and fascist nation it is part of the Spanish soul, culture, and religion to be rascist this can be clearly seen by the treatment of people of color and other religions.

  10. I was born in Valencia but I am from Real Madrid. When Valencia-Real Madrid match happened my friends were all coming to me screaming at me “Vinicius black monkey!”.

  11. I don't know y smelling people should be racists a black man does people that is racisting you day smelling hunesly

  12. Hes such a young guy, talented as hell but still so young. Nobody deserves this type of abuse. Heartbreaking

  13. I wish I could talk to these black players and remind them that they are God. They shouldn't be bothered by men!

  14. This Mother F*c*k want you to have a thick skin .show them kids you are their Father…Read peopl read please !

  15. Afrikan football players should boycott laliga, & all European leagues. Until Afrika starts its own domestic football legues at a level where African players can be their own stars, incidents like this are prone to reoccur. Afrika must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, even at the expense of fifa.

  16. Vinicius was sent off for hitting Valencian player on face, a fair red card. Violence can't be justified by racism, sorry Vini

  17. If spaniards are true to their human rights value and are against racism, they would boycott La liga until they sincerely apologize and NOT only fire the president but clear all racist management. This is pathetic

  18. resolving the problem (not really but a way to not get racism on the pitch anymore): join pl in summer transfer window

  19. People let’s just get real spain and nations like them need to be addressed for what they are hateful evil sad inhuman they’re proud of their evil history and that’s what they are nothing has changed

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