All Blacks v England Review & Breakdown Awards 2022 | El desglose, 20 de noviembre de 2022

The Breakdown revisa el partido de prueba All Blacks v England y elige a sus mejores jugadores y momentos para los Breakdown Awards. Tu deporte, tu Sky: suscríbete y recibe una notificación cuando estemos en vivo: puedes ver las mejores partes en: ➡️ Instagram: ➡️ Facebook: ➡️ TikTok: ➡️ Twitter: Sky Sport es el hogar del deporte en Nueva Zelanda. Visite para obtener más información.

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41 opiniones en “All Blacks v England Review & Breakdown Awards 2022 | El desglose, 20 de noviembre de 2022”

  1. On a slightly different subject, my fear for the next world cup is red cards.
    Amazon had the rights to the England v AB match so there were far fewer cameras, if you watch the Ione neck roll that disallows the third try, seconds before the roll Barrett flies in shoulder first straight into Currys head, if one of the normal tv companies had had the rights with the extra cameras that would have been a red.
    Lets get one thing straight, i am glad it was not a red, but something needs to be done
    1) If that was in the later stages of the world cup it would have been seen and match ruined,
    2) Why is Barrett (and others) still flying in like that after nearly TWO years of warnings?

  2. kick pass is great
    teams r great at convertin with possession so kickin away often can b tough if ball retention is good
    great excution inside 20 try was 1 of best this year from kick pass

    but yes bench didnt bring impact

  3. No doubt ‘a game of two halves’ with most unexpected developments, thrilling watching and Twickenham had LOTS to talk and remeniss about.
    Things are happening where one can truthfully say ‘wide open’ towards RWC scenario.

    • Ken is a great dimension in this Programme, btw Kirstie!

    Go for it

    I still cannot forgive England for kicking out…NOT the kind of fighting spirit one is looking for…See?

    All round, ‘YES, it is happening’…🔥👊

  4. Terrible season for the ABs:

    1. 8 wins / 1 draw / 4 losses

    2. Lost a series at home to Ireland

    3. Lost the series to South Africa by 4 points

    4. Only beat Australia by 2 points due to a strange call by the Referee for time wasting

    5. Only beat Japan by 7

    6. Only beat Scotland by 8

    7. Was 25-6 up against England at 70 mins, terrible subs and a yellow card destroyed the AB's in under 10 mins.

    8. Worst head coach in the history of the ABs

    9. Worst squad selections in years

    The Black Ferns had a review 1 year out from their RWC and changed it up within 12 months to become world champs, let's learn from them!

  5. So many inaccuracies in this chat. Will Young? Didn't know he played for England.. "Not many teams have come back from a 19 point deficit to the All Blacks in the last 9 minutes?" Seriously did she say that? Jordie..10..?? and then Comparing a last 10 minute yellow card with a first 20 minute red card? not that comparable really.

  6. Better product? Except for the suspens….Mauls to score pick up and go to score, penalties, constant stop and start, referees beeing man of the match, red cards affecting results, concussions all over….let's have a real look at ourselves please….

  7. I have to say the journalism on the Breakdown is so poor – they never talk hard facts – how can an AB lose a lead 5 times in a year

  8. You know the all blacks would have lost if Marcus didnt miss the conversion the panelists clearly dont remember that bit

  9. If the other countries have closed the gap on the ABs, what direction have the ABs taken? Side ways? With all the talent NZ possesses, how can ABs not also progress proportionately like other countries? Is it the players or coach or both?

  10. When will NZ start giving credit to the 3 other island nations that make up the all blacks ? S/T/F deserve open recognition and credit for sending NZ their best !!!

  11. I think the wallabies would be mad not to try and get eddie jones back as head coach after the world cup, he is smart and experienced.

  12. It ‘s odd my breakdown as an English supporter is as usual the All Blacks always get the benefit of the referee’s apparent one eyed views.

    The cross field kick which lead to a try was received by a player standing in front of the kicker.

    When a player is yellow carded when preventing a try, surely by definition it must be a penalty try, and therefore an automatic additional 2 points?

    Certainly England were deficient in many areas. It was peculiar the differences that developed after the player changes were made.

  13. Today's panel was very weak. The fact that you all did not mention the foul play by England's number 2 tackling without using his arms, spear tackle, Mounga asks the ref to look at it, the two ignores it.
    Then again England 2 tackles using his head no arms and the two ignores it.
    Also the ref and the tmo award a try when upon review of the video, you could clearly see the ball did not touch the ground.
    This panel didn't address the glaring issues of foul play by England number 2.
    This panel stinks today, especially Ken, who's now a WOKE old man. Harden up soft samoan

  14. Can't believe NZ's draw with England with such an advantage.With that advantage 😳Was so sad for me as a South African.(IT WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE)When you in such a position 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  15. Agree 100% with JK!!! World Rugby MUST change rules to fulfil William Webb Ellis's object "Run and pass ball to touch on ground over opposition's goal line." Suggestions: (for safety too)
    1. Dummy runners illegal – obstruction.
    2. No cleanouts at breakdown – playing man without ball.
    3. Both attacking and defending players NOT involved directly in beeakdown MUST retire 5 metres behind last man's feet immediately – offside.
    4. Restrict number of players entering directly to breakdown to contest possession. Maybe three each team.
    5. Put time limit on breakdown – if ball does not come out – scrum or free kick to attacking team.
    6. Rush defence illegal – offside.
    7. Rolling mauls – ball carrier MUST be at front – otherwise offside.
    That's just for starters – lineouts need to be modified too.

  16. Brad Webber is ABS next best halfback after Aaron – and has proved a match winner time and time again. He rarely kicks in a game because he KNOWS that opposition will invariably gain possession from it.
    Brad also plays a multi – skilled game – lightning pass like Aaron (a half backs primary role!!!!!) – superb support player, quick thinker, wonderful anticipation, makes RIGHT decisions to retain possession and after Reiko and Beauden is the fastest in the team. Brad certainly would not have kicked insane, aimless ball in final minutes but given the team a final opportunity to attack. He also matches our loosies in robbing the ball at breakdowns.
    He MUST be the natural successor to Aaron after Aaron retires.

  17. “We haven’t seen him at 10”…correct me if I’m wrong please, but hasn’t Jordie started at 10 once for the ABs…? Maybe twice?

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