Spain Update Live – Hot, hot, hot

A look at some of the headlines around Spain and I’ll answer comments from recent videos. Spain’s spy scandal has claimed its first victim; a Catalonian town declares independence from Spain; and parts of Spain are getting ready for a heatwave.

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22 opiniones en “Spain Update Live – Hot, hot, hot”

  1. British travellers have been warned to stay away from 'illegal parties' in Ibiza and Majorca, otherwise they risk a major fine. Huge fines of up to £85,000 are being given to anyone who attends the parties which, although banned, still take place across the islands.

  2. I really enjoy your videos … the solo ones and the ones with guests! I've not commented before just usually "like" them but I am sorry to hear that the negative comments put your guest presenters off!
    As you have said before … why would you continue to watch something that doesn't float your boat?
    Hope you all keep up the good work! From the number of subscribers it looks like you and the others are doing something most people like!?

  3. Hi Stuart, how are things in La Palma after the big Eruption? Have the people there received the help and money as promised or is the government sweeping the ashes under the carpet?

  4. Hot, yes, we had 34°C here in Telde, Gran Canaria, today.
    About sunscreen. My Canarian family use sunscreen when they go to the beach or a pool, but they don't burn easy. My Swedish skin burns after a few minutes on the beach without sunscreen and after a few hours with factor 50 ? I burned my head going to the supermarket 800 meters from home once.

  5. Sorry I missed the live session. Nick… what a guy. From his early days of getting slated by a few viewers for his comment about a fellow shopper, he has turned into a roaming raconteur in the mould of Ronnie Corbett in his little chair. Your presentation, channel, content and guests are superb. Many thanks for all you do. ?

  6. Madrid city is the largest economic hub in Spain with an estimated GDP of € 133 billion, 12% of the national GDP, representing nearly € 41,810 per capita (Ayuntamiento de Madrid). The greater Madrid area generates 19% of the overall Spanish GDP (source: INE).

  7. Balearic Islands, with a population of 1,219,404 people, it is ranked at 12th position by population of 19 autonomous communities and it is a densely populated autonomous community, with 244 people per km2.

    Balearic Islands is holding the 12 position by nominal GDP, it was worth 26,789 millions of dollars in 2020, and the GDP per capita was $25,085.

  8. Yeah Stu they are hard headed these Catalans so what. From my experiences Spaniards that go to the beaches in Barcelona do not use sun screens purchased from the store, it's why sun screens in Spain are soo expensive plus they know that sunscreens have chemicals, it's plain as the nose on your face that you are a tourist if you use these products ? and instead they use olive oil with iodine?

  9. Mate, you've been in Spain long enough to know the separatists are NEVER happy. Just imagine if they used all this energy to actually govern properly and pursue economic activities and to promote convivencia!

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