Euro 2020: How Denmark team doctor, medics saved Eriksen’s life

Fans and players watched on in horror as Denmark’s star Christian Eriksen collapsed in their Euro 2020 game against Finland.

He is now conscious and stable, as tournament organisers confirmed.

Eriksen remains in hospital and is undergoing tests.

Al Jazeera’s David Stokes reports.

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25 opiniones en “Euro 2020: How Denmark team doctor, medics saved Eriksen’s life”

  1. This is greatest example of human decency, camaraderie of the players and the highest level of professionalism from medical team. This is what civilized world can be and should be!

  2. could be a symptom of MS, I know people who weren't diagnosed until relatively late in life but their first serious symptom was an irregular heartbeat for no apparent reason

  3. Forza Eriksen ! Meritavate voi la finale con l'Italia non i ladri inglesi.
    Ma giustizia è stata fatta !!

  4. Alarming how many pro sports ppl are collapsing on the field after being vaccinated. These people are fit. What about the rest of us?!?

  5. The cloudy meter expectably land because pepper additionally pour amidst a guttural H habitual kayak. spotless, tiny tower

  6. my wife gives me CPR twice a day to maintain good function of the organs and sometimes if I'm lucky she will give me CPR downstairs also

  7. If Denmark goes on to win the tournement, I'm not even sure Denmark would be able to handle that.. Eriksen is already treated like a god.. But, go for gold guys!!

  8. God bless, hope this will never happen to anyone, ❤️ love people and God will watch over. Thanks to a doctor for an info. Brilliant medical team in Denmark ?? indeed!

  9. While it is possible in some cases under UEFA rules to postpone a match 48 hours, watching your friend drop dead and get resurrected is apparently not one of those cases.
    Shame on UEFA.

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