How is Denmark still so dangerous after losing Christian Eriksen? | Euro 2020 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew breaks down why Denmark is still one of the most dangerous of the remaining teams in Euro 2020 despite losing its central piece in Christian Eriksen early on.

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  1. 11 goals by 7 players. They 22-0, undefeated, heading for the World Cup. And the 22 goals has been scored by 16 players! Diversity in the making!

  2. “We might not have the best players but we have the best team”🇩🇰
    This is a team of friends not colleages. They are the people that come over for BBQ with each other families, drinks and have fun, maybe even play a silly game of football in the garden. There’s no agenda or anything like that. Just a group of boys that has known each other FOR YEARS (some of them litterally went to school together) playing the game that they love, in a tournament that many of them watched in 92’ as the red and white players won. And now they represents their country. They don’t play for their ego. They don’t score in hopes of being scoured by a great club, but in the hopes of feeling that cheer of a whole country in your shoulders… that rush! What a team indeed.

  3. The problem is when people talk Denmark, they ignore it functions as a collective, cohesive national team, and while Eriksen appears to represent most of their power, they are in general, dangerous because they are unpredictable. Think Yurary Poulsen or Martin Braithwaite. They can score when you don't know.

    However, it should be mentioned that Denmark is not that dangerous when facing teams like Belgium, Spain, France, Portugal or Italy. The Danes aren't afraid of England, but they are definitely scared of playing against either these teams, and now one of them will be in the final. Best luck for any blindfolded Danes thinking playing Italy and Spain similar to Russia, Czechia and Wales.

  4. fifa list 1. belgium (out) 2. france (out) 3. brazil (not playing) 4. england 5. portugal (out) 6. spain 7. italy 8. argentina (not playing) 9. uruguay (not playing) 10. denmark so the semifinals is no surprise for anybody

  5. I'm still feeling pessimistic as an England fan. I vaguely remember Spain '82, but remember clearly every world Cup and Euro' s since. I gave up hope about 2010, but it's also about time we had a little luck on our side too. We've normally been 9n the receiving end of luck from the other teams, that or we were just overrated as a team full of brilliant individuals, but not as a team.
    This time, more than any other time! This time. It's a pity for me though, because I've started really warming to the Danes. They're like the ' fairy tale ending team' (Sounds a bit camp 😂), but most of all as a team that stick together like glue. As an Englishman and a mandotry pessimist, I'm going to have faith in Southgate. Faith like I haven't had since Sir Bobby Robson was the England manager! Venables; a not to distant second. As much as I like Denmark, I'm an English fan roaring on like 65 m illion roars. Well done Denmark for getting to the semi's but, Come on England!!! I can't wait! Still nervous, but I'm banking on Gareth, for being a brilliant football strategist and and great footballing brain. Also, the team with so many excellent players that finally play as a team. I'll shut up now 🙄

  6. Are they super strong though?
    I expected them even without Eriksen to finish 2nd in their group, I then expected them to beat Wales & CzechRep neither are stronger than Denmark so here we are with Denmark in the semi's the round I predicted they'd reach from the start of the tournament and the round they'll lose in. England are getting to the final.

  7. Sami Khedira- what a man. Won a world cup and now accidentally brings his child's trousers to the studio but just wears them anyway. Such courage.

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