Croatia v Denmark | 2018 FIFA World Cup | Match Highlights

There was more penalty shootout drama in the match between Croatia and Denmark at Russia 2018. Croatia goalkeeper Danijel Subasic was the hero with three saves in the shootout.

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50 opiniones en “Croatia v Denmark | 2018 FIFA World Cup | Match Highlights”

  1. You know I didnt notice this at first but as I watched the replay and you look closely at that back cam Casper schmekel both legs were not on the line as the penalty was taken and therefore it should have been retaken. That's coming from a neutral supporter for this match.

  2. I am a real madrid fan but the people who are saying that modric carried the whole team he missed a crucial penalty but his teammates saved him…

  3. Looking back, Denmark was one of the most underrated teams in WC18. They tied with France in group play and pushed Croatia to penalties. They also have one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

  4. 1st goal (Denmark): 1 minute
    1st goal (Croatia): 4 minutes
    Penalties (Denmark): no goal
    Penalties (Croatia): goal

  5. Mario Mathias
    Mandzukić. Jorgensen.
    Octavos de Final
    Dinamarca 🇩🇰 Eliminado

  6. For me, the was the most stressful match of the entire tournament. It’s always during the middle that I get nervous. Schmichael was amazing, one of the best goalies I’ve seen all tournament. It’s a wonder Croatia got as far as they did. I’m so happy for this team

  7. Has anyone notice that Schmeichel's foot was not over the line when the penalty was kicked? That penalty should have been retaken

  8. FIFA world cup 2018 Russia 🇷🇺
    Round of 16
    🇭🇷 Croatia 1(3):(2)1 Denmark 🇩🇰
    Mathias Jorgensen 1' 0:07 🇩🇰
    Mario Mandzukic 4' 0:24 🇭🇷
    (🇭🇷Croatia win on penalties 3:2 )
    Penalties clip: 1:34 🇭🇷VS🇩🇰

  9. What's wrong with Denmark from the penalty spot? Kasper pulled almost everything, but Denmark managed to lose, although of course Subasic is also top.

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