What the heaven happened to Denmark? | Oh My Goal

The Danish National was the topic of conversation since the EURO began, first for the horrific episode suffered by their best player, Christian Eriksen, then for their impressive run to the semifinal of the tournament. After almost 30 years of not being in a semifinal, and having lost Eriksen, what the heavens happened with Denmark?

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41 opiniones en “What the heaven happened to Denmark? | Oh My Goal”

  1. This video displayed an impressive background knowledge about our national Denmark football team – both now and all the way back to the 80's. Very well done.

  2. i can say that christian is now training whit a small club in denmark "odense boldklub-ob" its on funen,where he is born and he looks good…thank god

  3. Denmark did not allowed professionals to play for the national team before 1972 and did
    really first get fully fletched professionals in 1979 when the german Sepp Piontek became
    manager and proffessional football was introduced in the danish leauge. First appearence
    in a major championship finals was EURO 1984 in France. Qualified for 8 EUROS and 6
    World Cups since 1979, 8 times advanced to the knockout phase and winner of EURO 1992,
    which then was followed up by winning FIFA Confederations Cup in 1995.

    Most prominent players : Michael Laudrup, Peter Schmeichel, Brian Laudrup, Allan
    Simonsen, Preben Elkjær Larsen, Morten Olsen, Henning Jensen and Christian Eriksen.
    All time topscorer : Jon Dahl Tomasson, 52 goals in 112 games.


    Just like you dont say England players, England Fans or England team , you say english player, english fans and England's team etc etc etc

    We are from Denmark and talk danish as danes !

    Why do nearly all channels get this wrong. its common knowledge from your own language !

  5. Game versus England was robbed,did you see how sterling dive.And English team and fans think it's coming home(NO) it's never been home.

  6. Two things

    One: Richard Møller Nielsen was never sacked for not reaching euro92, but there we’re definitely talks about it.

    Two: we beat a united Germany in the finals not West Germany.

  7. Of course Christian Eriksen survived, he is a True Blood Danish Viking so nothing can kill him but age.

  8. As a Dane, I am about to puke from the extreme American voiceover.. and in general a hunt for drama.. you thought our country was the capital of Sweden two days ago.. go away

  9. Just saying its written Hjulmand not Hjumland still a great vid. And im a dane so this warmed my heart thanks OH My Goal

  10. Sadly England robbed them from a spot in the final. Diving getting penalty that the referee refused to even look at on replay, and a fan pointing a laser in the goalkeepers eyes… Desoite everything that happened, the English fans booed the national anthem… I have never seen such desrespect and filthy plays
    So glad Italy destroyed England in the finals. The referee in the finals, didn't bite on any of their dive attempts, and there were plenty.

  11. When you go through the Denmark first team squad, it is hardly surprising they went to semi final. All of their palyers plays regularly for big clubs in Europe.

  12. Sounds like you did you homework on danish names and pronunciation of them, researched history of our little nation’s team and researched players club history aswell. Great video and goosebumps all the way through

  13. We'll take the world cup. No goals conceded and currently a goalscore of 27-0 in the first 8 games of the qualifier. Hjulmand will bring it home.

  14. Of course they would have made it to the semi's. It didnt just happend because of eriksens disaster.. denmark was unbeaten in 50!! games before the euros!!

  15. And now Denmark have qualified for the 2022 World Cup without losing a game and without conceding a single goal. The fairytale goes on.

  16. Can't wait for the movie about the Danish national team. Such a beautiful and tragic story at the same time.

  17. I know that..
    We got F*ckt by a little brittish actor on the football field..
    So happy that England lost in the final!
    Like Kasper Schmeichel say "Has it ever been home?"…..

  18. One to really watch is Maurits Kjærgaard from RB Salzburg..
    He will be our next Eriksen, or maybe even M. Laudrup

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